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2009-01-13, 01:48 PM
Hey, was thinking of making an urban campaign, where the players come from different districts like Docks District, Merchant Quarter, Military Precinct, Mages Ward and so on so forth.

So basically, I wanted to give them a choice of bonuses. One a Feat ("lesser" than a normal feat), +1 to two skill points or +2 to a skillpoint, or some effect/ability/bonus. Or it may be any 3 types of the combination above.

For example:
Someone from the Merchant Quarter may choose one of the below as a starting bonus:
Skill: +1 to Appraise and +1 to Gather Information. This represents a person who spends a lot of time in the Marketplace, skilled in window shopping and in helping gossip spread.
Effect: 5+CHA% of the price of an item will be added or subtracted to be in your favor (be it selling or buying). You are so good at bargaining, most merchants will give you a discount, tho not all willingly. Its 5%+Cha Mod.
Skill: +2 Lore when sizing up a weapon, armor, shield, or mundane item. This is due to you able to recognize different types of items sold at the MarketPlace.

So anyway, any suggestions? I lack Feats mostly but do give any thing you can think of. Preferably add a line to explain it, and if you REALLY want to, flavor text(tho its not necessary).
It should be generic as a rule, but you can say things like +2 to Diplomacy or Intimidate when dealing with members of the Thieve Guild. But not +2 Spellcraft when counter spelling against a Pink Wizard of Yaht as Counterspelling is not a common thing(tho its still ok to put it in) but DMs(specifically me :P) may not have a Pink Wizard handy.


Template for better organization:
District type:
Effect: <Passive
Ability: <Active, requires you to "on" it.