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Black Orc 2k8
2009-01-15, 02:55 PM
Hi i have started a new group of adventurers, and im beging to prepare for our first campaign "Frow the drak wald" what i want to know is How do you as it says in the book "Recreate something on a tacticle map" pleas help this is an RP emergency.:roy:

Also any tips on being a game master would be good aswell.:smallwink:

2009-03-24, 10:12 AM
It means get hold of a WFB map grid and some miniatures and lay out the scene. Or else get a wipeable board with a 1" grid and draw obstacles on it. Howeever you want to do it, it just needs 1" squares and miniatures.

GM advice: Make sure this campaign leads onto something. A random series of encounters hardly captivates players.

Black Orc 2k8
2009-04-05, 08:59 AM
Thanks, Xsesiv