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2009-01-15, 08:04 PM
I've spent the last month or so putting together a Digital D&D Boardmap. It runs through flashplayer and I was just wondering if anyone on here knew a good site where I could upload it so I can link to it here in the threads to see what people think.

I know Wizards is working on a Boardmap of their own, but who knows when that will be finished and this has been a fun project.

So any help with file hosting would be greatly appreciated, I'd love to hear what people think of it.

I've uploaded the BoardMap. It can be viewed here:

Currently it has almost the entire Harbringer Miniatures set at it's disposal, categories that have no miniatures in them default to "Humans".

User Guide:
Placing Miniatures:
-Choose a category from the given list along the right side of the Board Map
-Sub Categories or Miniatures will then appear on in the top left corner
-Clicking a miniature will place that miniature on the board at the
top left corner.
*categories and sub categories must be clicked again to remove their respective miniature lists from display. If you do not remove the lists from the map before clicking another category, the new list of miniatures will be placed right on top of the previous list, which can get messy and confusing. I'm working on coding to deal with this.

Using Miniatures:
- moving the minis is achieved through click and drag.
-Setting Reach
-While selecting a miniature(clicking down on it) you can set its reach and facing with the following commands:

(Shifts denote reach weapon)

1: Medium Creature 5 foot reach
1+shift: Medium Creature 10 foot reach
2: Large(Long) Creature 5 foot reach
2+shift: Large(Long) Creature 10 foot reach
3: Large(Tall) Creature 10 foot reach
3+shift:Large(Tall) Creature 20 foot reach
4:Huge(Long) Creature 10 foot reach
4+shift: Huge(Long) Creature 20 foot reach
5: Huge(Tall) Creature 15 foot reach
5+shift: Huge (Tall) Creature 30 foot reach
6: Gargantuan(Long) Creature 15 foot reach
6+shift: Gargantuan(Long) Creature 30 foot reach
7: Gargantuan(Tall) Creature 20 foot reach
7+shift: Gargantuan(Tall) Creature 40 foot reach
8:Colossal Creature 20 foot reach
8+shift:Colossal Creature 40 foot reach
9:Colossal(Tall) Creature 30 foot reach
9+shift: Colossal(Tall) Creature 60 foot reach

-Rotating Miniature
-Clicking(do not hold) a miniature will rotate it 45 degrees, with its reach and facing adjusting as appropriate. Selecting the Miniature after doing this will reflect the change.
-Specifying Alliance
- While selecting a Miniature, the red dot that appears behind each miniature can be changed to a blue dot by pushing the "W" button. This is to help differentiate between friends and foes.

-Adjusting Size
-While selecting a Miniature, the Page UP and Page DOWN keyes on the keyboard will scale a miniature to reflect increases in size due to spells or similar effects.

-Death and Removal
-Killed miniatures can be marked with the "tilde (~)" key. This will place an AWESOME blood splatter over the miniature.
-Miniatures can be removed from the board with the "D" button on the keyboard.

-Facing Rules: Designating Shield location
-If you play with facing rules, the miniatures facing as well as its front, back and flanks are already displayed. While Selecting a Mini, pressing the arrow keys while holding shift will place a Shield in the Mini's front, back, or flank.

Measuring Spells:
-Along the Left side of the Board is another set of Buttons that will create pre-measured spell effect sizes for rays, cones and Radii. They can be dragged like a miniature and both the rays and cones can be rotated. They can also be removed with the "D" button.

-The Five Green Buttons at the bottom left of the map each bring up a Map as well as another set of Buttons
-Light Source Buttons
-Clicking one of the Light Source Buttons will creature a pre- measured radius of light at the top left corner of the board. The map will disappear except for wherever this Radius of light is dragged to. Currently there is no way to delete individual light sources, but the map can be reset by clicking its green button again.

I think I covered everything, tell me what you think!

2009-01-16, 12:46 AM
You might want to post it here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=25), that's where most of the technical stuff goes. If you find out how, post a link to it here to get feedback. I am anxious to see it.:smallsmile:
Edit: Or maybe just FB (Friendly Banter).

2009-01-16, 10:03 AM
I'm anxious to see it as well. I'd try looking at some of the free hosting companies to put it into HTML, or if you are so bold, start a torrent or upload it to fileplanet or something.

2009-01-17, 02:49 PM
Updated the original post with a Link and User Guide.

2009-01-20, 09:03 AM
Thats pretty cool man. I'll be playing around with it a bit more at work today when/if it gets slow. Good job!

Samurai Jill
2009-01-20, 06:04 PM
Quite impressive.