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2009-01-17, 10:48 PM
For reference, warhammer orcs are quite different from their d&d iteration.

In any regard while perhaps equally strong to begin with, they eventually prove to be much more dangerous. They're fueled by adrenaline, which apparently is what they need to survive. Enough adrenaline, and an orc will actually grow in size, strength and virility. An extreme dose of adrenaline, where a human might pass out, is like a indulgent work out for an orc.

As such, they're always fighting, whether they like it or not (and perhaps they learn to love it).

Does anyone have a template specific to this iteration of orc (or could make one)?

Mr Pants
2009-01-18, 12:13 AM


• +4 strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom
• Humanoid (Ork)
• Medium
• Ork base land speed is 30 feet.
• +2 racial bonus on Intimidate and Survival checks
• +3 Bonus to attack rolls while charging (in place of normal +2)
• Darkvision 60 feet
• Light Sensitivity
• One a da Boyz: Orks gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against fear
• Mo’ Dakka!: Orks gain Monkey Grip for free, even if one doesn’t meet the prerequisites.
• From da muck: Orks gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against disease
• Favored class: Barbarian
• LA +0

2009-01-18, 12:28 AM
What about the adrenaline issue? They say an ork that challenges a leader will continue to grow in size such that if the leader is not foolish, they will slay the orc beforehand. Else battle commences, which is just what I salvaged from wiki.

Mr Pants
2009-01-18, 01:41 AM
I forgot about the adrenaline thingamajigger when I homebrewed it. You could just rule that in place of eating/sleeping they have to fight, and excess fighting grants appropriate buffs to fighty stuff, but penalties to brainy stuff.

2009-01-18, 02:22 AM
They never did mention in the wiki that orcs became stupider as they grew. :P

From what I garnered, orcs regard INT as a sort of secondary thing. Orcs can be cunning according to the wiki, and they use INT for cunning rather then actual reasoning (civilised non-war reasoning for that matter). Black Orcs, the big'uns, are considered both smarter and stronger then lesser orcs.

One of the big leaders is over 15' tall, perhaps as a result of all that adrenaline over the years.

2009-01-18, 04:00 AM
What you need is a paragon class that requires a number of followers to achieve new levels.

Captain - 20-25 ork underlings +2 Str
Leader - 3 Captains + Size
Warlord - 3 Leaders +2 Str +2 Con


2009-01-18, 04:39 AM
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2009-01-18, 05:07 AM
Warhammer fantasy has orcs. WH40K has space orks. Subtle difference.

2009-01-18, 05:14 AM
Great Gork and Mork, man! It's "Ork!" With a 'k!'

No it's not. In warhammer fantasy it's 'orc', and in warhammer 40k it's 'ork'.

2009-01-18, 05:14 AM
Great Gork and Mork, man! It's "Ork!" With a 'k!' :smalltongue:

Ork with a K in 40K
Orc with a C in Fantasy

Edit: Bah Ninja'd twice

2009-01-19, 01:51 AM
So, solutions, aside from the paragon issue?

Maybe somehow make the orcs LA +0 to begin with and then improve hitdie with later levels. There has to be a way to make this convenient. :P

A more powerful orc also has a greater ego, so an orc could get a boost in charisma along with CON and STR, or perhaps even INT if they 'transcend' to black orc.

With a greater ego (in conjunction with CHA), the orc might be even more unruly and naturally would take on followers as per leadership (or without taking leadership as a feat, the orc would eventually get overwhelmed and killed off by his brethren (which is more fair for balance purposes)? It'd be like the orc would have to take pains to keep surviving amidst all the jealousy for the latter solution.).

This will take some figuring out. The paragon thing is the one thing that makes sense in this situation, although it's not completely clean for a good iteration, or a warhammer setting for that matter.