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2009-01-21, 07:31 PM
I worked on 2 engines for the steamborge class in dragon mech exept as noted the following rules apply upon a normal steam engine rulings of graftign it ect. thsi was made for thsoe whom don't want to run on steam or in fact rather run on magic or cyber electronic

Mystic Engine: Unlike most other engines thsi provides the character with a infinate power source of magic to run it's parts and anything connected to it

alas it still produces a type of exaust that takes a -8 on hide checks this exaust is very bright and shiny and leaves a magical residue in the air for 1d4 minets (Meduim Conjeration) a character may for 2 mins turn off his exaust but must release it or else sufficate*(unless no need for air)

this engine can be placed anywhere from the hips of a being this engine can be easily tucked away almost anywhere upon the host exept the feet to the upper legs but it's obvious where it is currently as specail connections like wires can be seen going to the other parts of the host

if the engine is submerged it runs normaly but if the engines wire lines to other parts are hit the part that was connected to that line shuts off as it has no power (DC 10 craft mechanical to fix 1 severd wire line) if a critical hit strikes hits there is a 25% chance that is hit one of the important lines to a body part

a character also has a -2 on swim checks wich stacks normaly


Cybernetic Engine: Unlike a Mystic/Steam engine this is considerd to be a pure electrical engine based upon a chargeing stystem this type of engine does not emit exaust unlike it's counter parts but the price is it has to be charged with electricity every 48 hours or else the person may suffer damage equal to the percentage of each repalced body part massive damage MAY apply even as the life support starts to shut down

also if the engine is submerged into a liquid sorce the same effect may apply this only really occures if the engine is not water proofed upon ones outside thus costs an over all cost of 500gp and 250 gp for each body part connected to the engine but this water proofing can be busted (water proofing around engine on back 24hp 5hardness ac14+any armor (dex could apply too if conditiosn are right like not beign flanked or haveign eyes in back of your head feat) that you are currently wearing over it wich also may apply concealment even if it's medium or heavy armor) this does not apply to construts and liveing constructs if they are magicaly put to life)

a character can alternatly also even repalce his heart with this engine or any other vital body part as the engine sustains the persons life but it cannot replace the person total digestive system as they still need to eat to sustain nutrients for each part this engine take away is another extra % of dmg taken if the engine shuts down compeltely

the engine can only be placed in ones chest cavity and replaces part of ones spine for nural brain connection this procidure is quite expensive and costs x2 what a normal Mystic or steam engine would to have it grafted

a recharge of the engine is 8 hours and +30 mins for each part connected to the engine thats electrical (excluding inside organ parts like stomach heart lungs ect.)

a person with this type of engine is immune to pioson and paralasis but gains a -1 to will saves for each 5 connected body parts the character also gains immunity to fatigues ect. unless it deals with sleep or they still have to use their normal limbs like legs and arms

they also take the penalties to swim checks -4 wich stacks (only truly applies if they have water proofing)