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2009-01-28, 04:39 PM
So I am trying to figure out what happens when a character with a ghost touch weapon activiates a ring of blinking and tries to attack from the material plane. I am personally of the opinion that a ring of blinking sends you to the ethereal plane and gives you a 20% miss chance because a ghost touch weapon only involves incorporealness.

The part that is getting me messed up is that the blink spell (which is how a ring of blinking functions) says that it pops you to the ethereal plane but when describing you says you are incorporeal. My gut says that what was meant was to describe your ability to move through objects and such just as an incorporeal creature would, but I have a player who contends that with a ghost touch weapon he should be able to sneak attack without the 20% miss chance while blinking because he's incorporeal and therefore the ghost touch weapon would still work.

Is this a typo on the SRD?

2009-01-28, 04:51 PM
Short answer: You're right.

Longer answer:
Ethereal and incorporeal are absolutely not the same things. Being ethereal is being out of touch with the material plane completely. Being incorporeal means simply not having a physical body- an Ethereal material being is incorporeal to things on the Material, but it is still material in the Ethereal Plane. An Ethereal Incorporeal being (say you Plane Shift a Shadow into the Ethereal for some reason) would still be Incorporeal to other Ethereal beings as well. Ghost Touch does nothing to change that distinction or the restriction against Ethereal things interacting with Material things. It also does not allow you to go the other way- striking Ethereal things from the Material- as it is neither an Abjuration nor a Force effect.

2009-01-28, 05:05 PM
The combo your player is looking for is Blink + Pierce Magical Concealment, which is a feat from Complete Arcane. IMO, it's pretty much required for any high level melee build, as it negates the miss chance from any magical effect. The only down side is that it requires Blind Fight and Mage Slayer (which is a good feat anyway), and that it decreases your caster level (which makes it impractical for a Paladin or Ranger or other casters).

2009-01-28, 06:26 PM
Good to know I'm not goin completely off the deep end here.