View Full Version : Evil groups; what have you done?

2009-02-01, 05:09 AM
So, to those who have played Evil Groups before, there is always one act that makes people go "Holy Jesus..." around the table. What have your groups done that is evil in it's purest form?

Our Cleric had just reached 5th level and he wanted to get some Undead Minions. Being the evil little bastages that we were, we went into one of the local farm houses to collect (as the LE character put it) "material components necessary to complete a spell". We were using Domains from Pathfinder and the Cleric had an ability called Ghoul Hunger; functioned like Hold Person but the target dropped down and began to eat the nearest corpse or incapacitated being. That's right, we tied up the parents and cast Ghoul Hunger on the children. :xykon:

The DM's response: "Why is it that you guys are not this creative when you are playing Good characters?"

The Wizard's response: "Fireball on the entire group if that ever happens again."