View Full Version : Erfworld Dream

2009-02-01, 08:49 AM
I dreamt I and a few of my friends were playing Erfworld as a game (as opposed to what it is, a game-like world), and we attacking the tower. We had burst through the lines and a spearhead led by Vinny (yeah, I know) hit straight towards Parson. Just before they hit, a cluster of fat RC units was croaked nearby. It turned out that overlords (as opposed to mere warlords) gained XP for battles occurring in hexes they're occupying, though with a penalty. For units yielding a lot of XP, that penalty was insignificant. And Parson had a very very steep XP curve (i.e. didn't take much XP to level him). So that one event in sufficient proximity was enough to boost him from level 1 to level 12.

At that point, we paused the game and got into a shouting match over rules interpretations and such, and the game was never completed.

2009-02-01, 11:06 AM
You sure it was a dream?