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2006-09-30, 09:48 AM
Any ideas on whether these spells would be good, and what level would probably fit them?

Chibiya’s Nine Tails

Illusion: Shadow
Casting time: 1 standard action
Component – M, S,V,
Range – self only
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 round/level

The caster has several shadow appendages (1 per 2 caster levels, to a maximum of 9) appear from his back. These are shaped like large, elongated tails, and have a length of up to 30 feet. The caster can control them fully as if they were his own appendages, and send them in any direction or use them for any purpose they are physically capable of (for example, using them to fire a bow is difficult, but tripping someone is not). Each tail can deal a slam attack that has a base damage of 1d6 bludgeoning damage, and a base attack equal to the caster’s. They have a strength score equal to 10+the caster’s spellcasting attribute modifier, AC equal to 10+ the caster’s spellcasting level, and hit points equal to his spellcaster level + spellcasting ability modifier (with fast healing 5). Each appendage can perform 1 action per round, independently from the others (and even aid them in various functions, such as tripping an opponent); the caster does not receive a penalty for the additional actions. For combat purposes, treat the tails as a weapon the caster is proficient with, and each tail, upon a successful touch attack, can start a grapple check or a trip check. However, the caster can not be tripped as a result of this spell.

Vrinma’s Shadow Vengeance
Level: Sor/wiz 8 (draft)
Illusion: Shadow
Casting time: 1 full-round action
Component: M, S.
Range – medium
Target - 1
Duration: 1 r/level
Save: Will partial
Spell Resistance: No

The spell envelops the target in a deep darkness, pierced by sudden flashes of light and chaotic noises. In addition to that, 1 shadow copy of the caster / 4 levels, having 40% of the caster’s level and nonmagical versions of his equipment, appear within the cloud and attack the target. No one else can see them but the target of the spell, and they ignore all distractions. These copies are incapable of casting spells or using any combat maneuvers. Their weapons are only 40% real and in case of a confirmed critical they do wisdom damage equal to the critical modifier instead of damage. If any are killed before the end of a spell, they are regenerated at a rate of 1/round but can not exceed the maximal number.
The darkness and noise are magical, and effect everyone but the caster, who can see and hear normally. Everyone else has a 30% to be able to see up to 10 feet away and 10% to be blinded for 2d4 rounds unless he makes a DC15 will save. The noise and lights impose a -10 penalty to any listen or spot check (when such are possible) and force spellcasters (except the caster)to make a concentration check as if they are

If the caster is a sorcerer who has both darkness and faerie fire as spell-like abilities, he can cast the spell as a lvl 7 spell, and upon expending one daily use of each can increase all related saving throw DCs by two.

2006-09-30, 10:08 AM
Can the Tails disarm?

They seem about 4th-5th level to me, unless they can be used for somatic componenets.

2006-09-30, 10:12 AM
The Nine Tails spell is solid; good flavor and mechanics. However, I think some specificity could be useful as to what the tails can and cannot do. Level...5(?). I'm not really good at judging spell power, but the potential for 9 trip attempts a round and 30ft reach seems powerful.

As much as I like the flavor behind the Shadow Vengance spell, the way it is written right now means a lot of dice rolling. Also, would the shadow doubles of a high-level caster be that powerful? 40% real, nonmagical weapons?

2006-09-30, 10:15 AM
You also may want to put a cap on the number of copies; 20th level is usually where it is.