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2009-02-06, 11:49 PM
Hello people, Im new here :smallbiggrin:. Oh well, at least on the forums. Anyway, Im here for a reason: I recently acquired the 4th edition core rule-books, and decided to create a world where my adventures would take place. Im more like a wanna-be-DM, but I think I might have found my way now. So, I said I came here for a reason, and that is to get your opinion about this world im creating (I'd be very thankful :smallsmile:). So, I'll try to make it organized:

>The Beginning: this is not yet divided in years, but let's assume that what happened in this age was in a past long gone (though NOT so long that none ever heard of). Oh, history before this is forgotten because no one in the world cares about what came before of this.

At the start, the world was a huge mass of land, surrounded by the sea almost as big. It had been ruled by a struggle beetwen the Dragonborn and Tiefling empires. (yes, I used this idea from the player's handbook)
After a long bloody war, the land was tainted by the Tiefling demonic magic. It was then that a catastrophe happened: after a battle beetwen congregations of mages from both empires, the magical damage was so huge that the gods feared the land could no longer recover by itself. So, they decided to act: they covered all but the purest parts of the land in a dense mist, in order to purify the earth.

Game Aspects of The Mist: it is composed mainly of chaos essence, and can have different random effects on those who enter it too far. It can be anywhere, but it will always surround a mass of land. Thus, the world is divided in masses of lands, all circled by the mist. Theoricaly none, except the most powerfull Eladrin, can cross it. Yet, it is know that powerfull mages can cross the mists to the other parts of the world.

The Gods Nowadays: since then, the gods never spoke again to a mortal. Most religious organizations have developed codes of conduct in order to try to convince their deities that they are loyal servants.

From now on I will focus in one of those "islands in the mists". No name for it yet, but im open to suggestions :D

>The Dark Era that Followed the Magical Cataclysm: after the gods intervened, the population of the island was composed of people who happened to be in the right place in the right time, people who simply were thrown there after a very confusing kind of teleportation (they simply appeared near to the mist border), people who did not want to take part in the Tiefling-Dragonborn conflict, and nomads. Thus, they were a bunch of all-races folks wandering in a much more reduced space of land.

This was followed by new cities coming to light everywhere, but they were not cities ruled by one race or another. Were cities ruled by merchants or people who were nomads and whoever wanted to join them. Still, after some years of development they began disagreeing. Many years later an armed conflict took place, and they battled for natural resources. Finaly, the Dragonborn united (under someone's banner) and decided to rebuild their kingdom, to try to bring peace to the world again. The Tieflings realized this and they too united, not wanting to lose their old battle. The other people of the island stayed within their merchants cities or wandering.

Due to the lack of resources, people and magical power, the war beetwen the Tieflings and the Dragonborn did not take place immediately, each one of them fearing losing all if they attacked. It took nearly three centuries for the tensions to turn into conflicts again. Yet, once more they destroyed each other again, leaving nothing but ruins in their capital cities. Once more they were wanderers of fallen nations.

Centuries passed and most of the first merchant cities fell. The elves and the Eladrin formed a peaceful kingdom in the western forests. In the north, dwarves build their cities in the mountains and hills. To the south, only one of the merchant cities survived, becoming a center of trade for all races. Halflings wander the land, doing what-they-will (mostly, being halflings).

Concerning the Monsters and Other Races: they weren't excluded from the events that took place. Many of them still exist in the island and wander too. This gives me freedom to use most of the Monster Manual.

>The New Era: after a century or two, some problems began in the north. Barbarian humans, remanents of nomads and wanderers formed an army on the mountains of the north. Caught by surprise the dwarves could not hold these mercenaries advance and lost their domains in the north. They had to retreat to the south, with many losses. Later they estabilished themselves in the central mountains, just to the east of the main lake.

Not long after the dwarves were driven away from their homes, humans started to stabilish in the north. Most of them had battled the dwarves, othes just wanted a place to live. Then, they formed the bases of what became the human empire of Edron (which is how they named the region).

>The Actual Days: I'd say it has been some 1500 years since the magical catastrophe. The island is now known by the kingdoms. It is big, but not too big it could hold more than 4 medium-sized kingdoms. The wilds are full of monsters, roads are not exactly the safest they could be (except for the main ones). Magic is back to the island, and a few (althought very few) have managed to gain real power (lv 25th-30th), but mostly we can say the island became what we can use as a scenarie for campaigns.

The Politic Situation: the human kingdom of Edron holds domain on the northern part of the island, while dwarves rule the eastern side of the central lake and eladrin and elves live in the western side. To the south, after big plains the merchant city of Kiedras still survives. The elves and eladrin play no big role in the power game, but the dwarves have managed to recover themselves from their past losses and now are equal to the humans. They do not war each other, although some dwarves would surely like to.


The big villain of my story is a Tiefling (yes, :P they're always up for more). After a life of distrust and being ridiculed by other races (who blame the Tieflings for the gods abssence and for the mist), he decided not to endure it anymore. He is ambitious, hungry for power and thirsty for revenge. He plans on uniting the Tieflings once more and rebuild their past kingdom. But he knows that the other races would never allow it, so he will try to manipulate the bigs threats to war each other: the humans and dwarves. Once they're in ruins he will rise his flags and use servants he gathered all over the land to make a call to all Tieflings to unite. He plans on overruning whatever is left of the human and dwarven cities and stabilish with his bretheren in the north, where he can hold a strategic position.

Well, all this would happen if the heroes wouldn't to intervene :smallwink:

Oh, these are just ideas. Im planing, on higher levels, letting the characters cross the mist by magical means to other islands - also maybe one day they can manage to make it disappear, reforming the world as it was.

I'll read and take into consideration ay suggestions :), thanks in advance to everyone who reads this. :smallsmile: