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Olo Demonsbane
2009-02-07, 10:29 PM
Due to seeing all of the campaign journals floating around on the forum, I have decided to start my own, based on the campaign that I am running now.

As mentioned in my sig, I play PI dnd. Basically, a screwed up version of 3.5. I am mentioning this so that everyone is aware and doesn't fill up the entire forum with rules mistakes.

The Main Problem with my playing is that I have a maximum of 4 people that I know willing to play dnd, and its ussually just me and 1 player. We respond to this difficulty by almost always playing with geshalt characters, and I,the DM, usually plays a character. Sometimes we also play multiple characters.

So, the party (all 1st level)

Kaywen, a wizard/spellthief. She is 1/2 utility spellcaster, 1/2 ray spellcaster. Pretty optimized, but a fun character. Controlled by me.

Nartach Druskeden, a swordsage/fighter. He uses both swordsage variants, and is an ubercharger beyond all uberchargers I have everplayed. On charges, he gets two kicks and a greatsword attack, doing insane amounts of damage. Controlled by me.

[Nameless], a bard/fighter. Uses two battleaxes and dragonfire inspiration to good effect. Not too optimized yet, but he next level he will be able to do 6d6 fire damage in a cone every once and a while. He has not been named yet, and I will announce when he is.

Jaheel, a ring sorcerer/psion. Yes, a ring. I discussed him in a thread here. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103158)
Controlled by me. He is primarily focused on buffing/debuffing and summoning.

More on the first session next.

2009-02-07, 11:38 PM
Could you explain a little about what PI D&D is? Is it just a bunch of houserules, or is it basically a different system?

(Also, one of your links is broken... I think you're missing a bracket)

Olo Demonsbane
2009-02-08, 12:39 AM
Sorry for the spelling/grammer mistakes in the previous post, it put me in overtype mode :smallmad:.

Session 1, part 1

The characters started out in a town, and were interrupted by a wood elf. He claimed to be from a nearby elven town that was under attack by a large force of gnolls with some wild animals.

After some bartering by the TN [Nameless], the elf, Roth, led the characters back to his (rather small) town. As they neared it, they ran into the gnolls defence post.

There were two gnoll barbarians at ground level, and 2 gnoll archers in each of two makeshift towers. There were also two wolves at ground level.

After initiative was rolled, the archers went first, all firing heavy crossbows at Nartach and Kaywen. 4 near misses. [Nameless] was not attacked at all for this entire fight. He in character boasted that he was too good looking for anyone to want to hurt him (19 Charisma).

Nartach charged one of the barbarians, killing it pretty easily with his three attacks. [Nameless] charged the other, giving it two hefty slashes in its chest. Kaywen near dropped it with two lesser orbs of cold, and Jaheel (who all the characters are unaware of) cast magic missile, killing it. Then he cast benign transportation on one of the archers and [Nameless]. The characters were, needlessly to say, suprised. The theories are still going around, and currently they think they have an invisible ally.

The wolves attacked ineffectively. The archers shot, all missing but the one next to Kaywin, who hit her.

Nartach delayed his turn, and [Nameless] beat up the archer, injuring it. Kaywen used her turn to use enlarge person and blades of fire on Nartach, and use her combat panache feat to ready a redirection of the archer's attack. Then Nartach charged the tower, and used burning blade. He did so much damage that the tower was knocked down! The archers each took damage and were knocked prone.

The battle ended quickly after that.

Olo Demonsbane
2009-02-08, 12:46 AM
PI dnd is just what I call it because everything is screwed up about it...we played our first game in 2.0, but immediatly got 3.5 rulebooks, and this threw us somewhere in the middle. It helped that most of my players never really read the rulebooks, so they couldn't really correct me. Its 3.5, but a lot of the feats are read differently, RAW is mostly followed for everything else though.

The biggest difference is that Two Weapon Fighting applys without a penalty, and it can apply to spells and special abilities. Same with rapid shot. Practiced Spellcaster applies to spells you know as well as CL...It would take to much time to explain all of them.

We also don't keep track of specific spells per day.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.