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Kayoden Usoden
2009-02-09, 08:58 PM
i am working on a game and at its center as a hook, 6 weapons.

each has it's own name, and customized special... at least that is the plan....

so far i only have 5 made, of those 5, 4 have custom specials. i need help on the 6th weapon and 2 custom specials.

here is what i have so far:

+1 metaline, sizing, morphing, impact, long sword – Emulator (5)

[The history of Emulator was never recorded, but if one looks hard enough the word ‘Puck’ can be seen on the grip of what ever it turns into.]


+1 shocking burst, long sword / +1 wrapping, shocking, spike chain – Aramacshekle (5)

[Aramacshekle was once a gierspike wielded by a paladin of {the brother of Hextor who’s name I cannot spell}. The paladin was ordered to kill an evil wizard cult be instead destroyed the entire magic school, civilians and all. After the fires went out, the only survivor, a dusk blade, remade Aramacshekle and went after the paladin turned blackguard.]

Electrocution: A number of times a day equal to the wielders WIS mod + INT mod Aramacshekle can generate a bolt of lighting along with thunder on an opponent that was been successfully grappled by the chain. The effect is the equivalent of the greater thunderclap spell caster level 10, with only a single target area, and generated from the blade.

+1 sizing, exit wound, blood seeking, heavy repeating crossbow – Mutilator (6)

[Mutilator uses gemstones as ammo rather than normal bolts; it was made in the underdark over 1,000 years ago in a pact involving 5 dwarf warlords, 3 were from the surface.]

Other: No Bonus
Ruby: +2d6 fire, +2d10 (flame burst)
Amethyst: +2d6 sonic, +2d10 (sound burst)
Emerald: +2d6 acid, +2d10 (acid burst)
Topaz: +2d6 electrical, +2d10 (shock burst)
Sapphire: +2d6 cold, +2d10 (frost burst)
Diamond: +2d6 force, +2d10 (uh...... go with it >_> )

Perfect gemstones grant a +5 attack and damage bonus; for each stage less than perfect the bonus drops by one to a minimum of 0.

+1 sizing, impact, clouting, war hammer – Ruin (5) (DC19 fort: 10ft knock back)
60 ft. radius shock wave 3/day (DC: 15 + STR mod Reflex or fall prone)

+ 1 sizing, impact, clouting, war axe – Sunder (5) (DC19 fort: 10ft knock back)
Crescent Twins: Upon command two blades made of energy proportionate to the size Sunder’s current head, are loosed and hover around the wielder for a total of 10 rounds a day. They are the equivalent of +1 ghost strike scimitars and have one attack each round at ½ the base attack of Sunder’s wielder.

[Ruin and Sunder are accentually brothers, if such a word can be used. Both weapons were made to “Destroy that which does not live”.]

+1 buckler / +1 impact, explosive, knockback, composite long bow - ??? (6)

2009-02-09, 09:27 PM
How about some sort of elven bow, that focuses on accuracy and range that in history has always been opposed to all the other weapons in someway by manipulating its master(i am assuming here that they are sentient)

2009-02-09, 11:00 PM
Ghost-A +1 distance, returning, brilliant energy, ghost touch dagger, built to hunt ghosts. In addition to this, it lets the wielder see through walls where they point it, making it perfect for killing through walls, as an assassins weapon, and dealing with incorporeal enemies who have a habit of flickering through them. It is built for throwing primarily, and in addition to getting distance range, it can be thrown 10 range increments instead of five.