View Full Version : Extending the Aging Table

2009-02-10, 09:11 AM
I've got an NPC (was previously a PC) who has aged WELL past her normal lifespan. She's a human, who had an artifact that prevented aging. While she was willingly using it, it stopped any affects from the aging chart. But after a while, she tried to separate herself from it... but was only partially successful. In a nutshell, it's kept her alive but aging for around 500 years past her normal lifespan. This has taken a serious toll on her physically, but I'm not sure how to represent it. She should at least have a -6 to her physical scores and +3 to mental ones, reading the chart. Any suggestions on how far I should extend that?

The character was a Barbarian 1/Fighter4/Dervish10/Tempest 5 when she stopped adventuring, and has spent the last few centuries locked away, alone, to guard the artifact that has kept her alive (it's intelligent and evil, and she has made it her duty to protect the world from it).

Basically, I need to tone down her power level a bit, and I figured aging was the way to do it. I expect my party to be around level 12 when they face her, and I'd like at least one of them to survive the encounter (but I'm fine with the rest dying, as long as one of the two with UMD survives to use their staff of life to bring back his or her comrades). Also, she'll be severely under-equipped. She'll have two scimitars (one flaming burst, one shocking burst, both +5, keen, demigod-bane weapons), a ring of sustenance and a headband (don't like helm for this) of comprehend languages.

FYI, the party should be something like this when they face her: Catfolk Infected Were-Leopord Scout 3/Rogue 6/Animal 3, Goliath Infected Were-Dire Badger Barbarian 1/Fighter 8/Animal 3, Half-Dragon / Half-Spellscale Infected Were-Dire Sunlizard (1 HD homebrew animal) Battle Sorcerer 9/Animal 1. The Half-Dragon should still have +1 LA by then, but otherwise the LAs should have been bought off by that point.