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2006-09-25, 10:20 PM
(sorry if this is posted this in the wrong area)
(Vlincenkek means something in draconic)

Vlincenkek is a recuring villian in my campaign. *Vlincenkek is a Adult Red Dragon with 10 sorrseror levels and a very good knack for designing and creating constructs. *The victims(the party) were introduced to him at level 9. *They killed him and caused his clone(the spell) to flee in there first encounter, but he still acomplished his mission and got a way with most of the treasure. *After a few side encounters they finnally got to his layer at which point the party cut through at least 20 golems, 5 of which were new types. *They teleported the final boss(I being a fair DM allowed this because it was clever) and raided the most of his treasure. *He fled to a special plane of existence where time is faster, build a new lair, new army , and new golems and this is the parties side of the story up to date.
just to let you all see what Vlincenkek's new Golem is:
(this is being fought by 8 level 16 characters 4 of which are oddly similar to Belkar)

Devastator Golem
Colossa x2 constructl
Hp: 1,200
speed: 60 ft
AC: 34
Attacks: ?+69, stomp +68
damage: 1d6+9 x80, 4d8+12 x4
reach: 440 by 440, 125
Special attacks: Fire Storm(I can't give away all of this because the party could find it.)
Special qualties: DR 25/+5, Golem traits
Saves: Fort +24, Ref +33, Will +24,

Fire Storm: 400 ft area attack, 48d10 fire dam. Reflex DC 80, The Golem can't act for one tunr after this attack.(I'm only posting parts remember)

Once the battle is complete I will post the results.
qustions, comments, concerns?