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2006-09-25, 12:37 AM
Just so we don't forget them, I wanted to collect together some Dreamer feats for CUTE, based off old Dreamer class features that are being removed. We can discuss them now, but this isn't a post for the evaluation phase.

I'm *assuming* that any class can take these feats if they meet the prerequisites, but that they can be taken as *bonus* feats by the Dreamer. But I don't think we're committed to that. I'm also taking some wild guesses at prerequisites; I'm generally assuming that a Dreamer will max out his/her Imagine skill.

There are other, already proposed dreamer-oriented feats (Dark Friend, Aberrant Dreams, etc.) that could be spliced into this list (Dark Friend would have Imaginary Friend as a prerequisite; Aberrant Dreams would fit somewhere in the Imagination Made Flesh feat chain).

Imaginary Friend [General, Dreamer]
You have an imaginary friend that can help you with basic tasks.
Prerequisites: Cha 11, Imagine 7 ranks

Your imaginary friend becomes a little more real, although still invisible to everyone but you. This is similar to the Unseen Servant spell, but permanent. Unlike an ordinary Unseen Servant, however, an imaginary friend is intelligent (Mental scores all equal to your Charisma score -2) and can converse with you or any other creatures of your imagination. You can also see your imaginary friend perfectly; it often takes on a humanoid form. Unlike a regular Unseen Servant, an imaginary friend can move up to 30 ft. in a round.

If an imaginary friend ceases to exist for any reason, you can call it back into being as a move-equivalent action. The imaginary friend "appears" adjacent to you when this happens.

Imagination Made Flesh[General, Dreamer]
You can create semi-real monsters and creatures from pure dreamstuff.
Prerequisites: Cha 11, Imagine 10 ranks

You can emulate a Summon Monster III or Summon Nature's Ally III spell, with a caster level equal to your class level, up to three times per day. The creatures summoned by this ability are only about 50% real. If a monster rolls a Will save to disbelieve (DC 13 + your Charisma modifier), they only take 50% damage from the summoned creatures. In addition, the summoned creatures are of the Construct type, not their original creature type. If you have an imaginary friend, it may order the creatures around just as you can.

Extra Imagination Made Flesh [General, Dreamer]
Prerequisites: Cha 11, Imagine 13 ranks, Imagination Made Flesh

You gain an extra use per day of the Imagination Made Flesh ability. You can take this feat more than once; its effects stack.

Improved Imagination Made Flesh [General, Dreamer]
Prerequisites: Cha 13, Imagine 16 ranks, Imagination Made Flesh

Your Imagination Made Flesh ability acts as a Summon Monster IV or Summon Nature's Ally IV spell, and the Will save to disbelieve is DC 14 + your Charisma modifier.

Greater Imagination Made Flesh [General, Dreamer]
Prerequisites: Cha 15, Imagine 18 ranks, Improved Imagination Made Flesh

Your Imagination Made Flesh ability acts as a Summon Monster V or Summon Nature's Ally V spell, and the Will save to disbelieve is DC 15 + your Charisma modifier.

Dream Avatar [General, Dreamer]
You can become an avatar of the power of dreams.
Prerequisites: Wis 15, Imagine 20 ranks

You gain the ability to transform into a being of awesome power as a full-round action. This can be a superhero, an angel, or even a rather large stuffed toy. You gain +2 to size (with attendant ability, to-hit, space/reach, and AC modifiers), an enhancement bonus of +4 to Strength and Constitution, a +4 competence bonus to Will saves and Imagine checks.

You also gain one of the following abilities, which must be chosen when the feat is taken: either a +20 bonus on your base land speed or a fly speed of 30 with good maneuverability.

Fax Celestis
2006-09-25, 12:49 AM
Share Imagination [Dreamer]
Prerequisites: Charisma 17, Wisdom 15, Imagine 18 ranks, Dreamer level 15
Once a day, you and all allies within 30' can imagine an object into being. This requires a DC 30 Imagine check. For each ally that assists you in this, you receive a +2 bonus to your roll to pass the DC.

This Imagining can either summon or create any physical, non-living, non-magical object that is not an artifact or currently in the possession of a creature. Making the object magical adds 10 to the DC for each +1 of bonus (or, for magical items without bonuses, +10 DC for each 1000 gp of worth). This power can never be used to create or summon artifacts, creatures (including nonliving creatures like constructs or undead), or items with a total DC higher than 70.

2006-09-25, 04:06 PM
Just to keep them all together, here are the other dreamer-oriented feats, revised to fit into the current trees.

Aberrant Dreams [General, Dreamer]
Not everything a child comes up with is cute... Sometimes it's just the opposite.
Prerequisites: Imagination Made Flesh, Int 13

Any monsters summoned through your Imagination Made Flesh ability is a hideous abberration. Its type becomes Aberration, and it gains 10-sided hit dice, +4 to strength and constitution, and a frightening presence (Will DC equal to half the summoner's level plus the summoner's Cha bonus).
(Original feat by Zeful)

[Personally, I think that's a bit too powerful for the prerequisites, as it stands.]

Dark Friend [General, Dreamer]
Your imaginary friend is Not Very Nice.
Prerequisites: Int 15, Imaginary Friend, Aberrant Dreams, Non-Good Alignment

A Dark Friend is a NE invisible stalker-like creature that replaces the dreamer's imaginary friend. It resembles an invisible stalker in all but the following respects:

The dark friend is only 50% real. See the Imagination Made Flesh ability for details.
The dark friend has mental skills equal to the dreamer's CHA score -2.
The dark friend has the Outsider type, with the Evil subtype, and is native to the Imaginal plane.
The dark friend can communicate exclusively with the dreamer and his or her imaginary constructs.
If the dark friend is killed, the Dreamer can summon another in one week, but this summoning costs 250 XP.
The dreamer can see the dark friend perfectly.
A dark friend generally serves its master loyally, but its first objective is to strand people in the imaginal plane. Why dark friends want this is unclear; they will keep it a secret from their masters as long as possible. When these two goals come into conflict, there is a chance the dark friend will betray its master to satisfy its other goal, depending on the dreamer's alignment:

NE: 15% chance
LE, CE: 30% chance
TN: 45% chance
LN, CN: 60% chance

A dark friend will never betray its master unless it thinks it can get away with it; the creatures are not suicidal.

Vivid Imagination [General, Dreamer]
Your dreams and stories are especially convincing.
Requirements: Cha 13, Imagine 5 ranks

A character with a vivid imagination has wilder dreams, tells more convincing stories, and generally has an imagination that is resonant and infectious. Any imagination- or story-based effects produced by the character that allow for a complete or partial will save gain a +1 to DC.

(I'd only want this to be in the Dreamer bonus feat list if that list is also available to other characters [as non-bonus feats]; it's quite useful to a wide range of characters, and is just *especially* Dreamer-y.)