View Full Version : Alright, common sense tells us....

2009-02-11, 12:56 PM
So, our gaming group started discussing an interesting idea - we want to design a race similar to the Elfquest (tm?) wolfriders, because seriously - how much cooler do you get than a pack of wild halfling barbarians riding wolves into battle? Not much.

So, after a bit of conversation, we've come up with a few ideas, but thought it would be prudent to ask the many minds in the forums what they thought - or if it had been done before and we'd just be re-inventing the wheel. (yeah, that sucks when you do that).

The general agreement in our group is to make a small-size variant of the shifter race from Eberron, and allowing access to only the traits related to wolves - they wouldn't gain the ability to shift, and the trait they picked wouldn't grant them an ability bonus, but it would grant the other abilities constantly, (like a bite, or increase to speed).

The other thing we're planning on doing is writing up a wolfrider prestige class, something along a mix of halfling outrider/ wolfbrother from the wheel of time series. So, has any of this been done before, or did we actually come up with an original idea? Your thoughts and input are all greatly appreciated.