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2009-02-11, 06:20 PM

Brief summary: Not much to say about this one really. I was playing Halo the other day and I got this mental image of a Human packing an Assault rifle in modernish armor and a Dragonborn in Mjolnir armor with a cape and a glowing greatsword. I wrapped up my session and got busy.

THis is just the prelim stuff. Grenades and modern day vehicles will be added along with more advanced stuff later on down the trail.

{table=head]Weapon|Prof|Damage|Range|Price|Weight|Group|Clip|A PT|Properties

Magnum|+3|1d10|35/70|???|4 lb.|Sidearms|10|1|Load Minor

Pistol|+3|1d8|45/90|???|3 lb.|Sidearms|12|1|Headshot, Load Minor, Off-Hand

Submachine Gun|+2|1d12|75/100|???|6 lb.|Sidearms|96|6|Accuracy Decay 85, Lay into 'em, Load Minor

{table=head]Weapon|Prof|Damage|Range|Price|Weight|Group|Clip|A PT|Properties

Assault Rifle|+3|1d10|150/300|???|9 lb.|Longarm|60|5|Accuracy Decay 225, Lay into 'em, Load Minor

Battle Rifle|+3|1d10|150/300|???|7 lb.|Longarm|75|5|Accuracy Decay 225, Burst Fire, Load Minor

Machine Gun|+3|2d8|175/350|???|15 lb.|Heavy Armaments|195|15|Automatic, Lay into 'em, Load Standard, Take Your Time

Rocket Launcher|+2|2d10|150/300|???|15. lb.|Heavy Armaments|2|1|Explosive 3, Load Standard, Take Your Time

Shotgun|+2|2d8|15/25|???|8 lb.|Longarm|12|1|Load Standard, Splatter

Sniper Rifle|+3|2d8|300/600|???|10 lbs.|Longarm|6|1|Headshot, Load Minor

Vehicle Mounted
{table=head]Weapon|Prof|Damage|Range|Price|Weight|Group|Clip|A PT|Properties

Machine Gun Turret|+3|3d10|200/400|???|20 lb.|Turret|600|30|Accuracy Decay 225, Automatic, Lay into 'em

Tank Cannon|+3|6d6|300/600|???|50 lb.|Cannon|1|1|Explosive 5, Reload, Load Standard

Weapon Properties
Accuracy Decay: At # feet you lose your Proficiency Bonus to your attack role

Automatic: The attack is a ranged burst 3

Burst Fire: If you choose to Burst Fire a weapon you 3 rounds instead of your normal APT and you no longer suffer from Accuracy Decay

Explosive: The Attack is a ranged burst #

Headshot: On a critical hit from this weapon you increase the damage by one die

Lay into 'em: For the cost of doubling your APT you can increase your damage by one die

Reload: Add Recharge 1 to the attack

Splatter: Attack is a modified blast. Only the target in the first square takes the listed damage, while the next 3 squares take take one die size below, the next 3 squares 2 below, all other up the long range are 3 die sizes below, long range and further 4 below

Example: Shotgun
x-not hit
1-1 die below
2-2 die below
3-3 die below
4-4 die below

Take Your Time: You cannot move and fire this weapon on the same turn

Mando Knight
2009-02-11, 08:51 PM
APT? What is this? Ammo Per Target? Attacks Per Turn? Assuming Ammo Per Target, as that makes the most sense as a "Cost" for Lay Into 'em...

The terminology for ranged bursts would be Area Burst X within Y...
Also, list your ranges and "accuracy decay" distances in squares, as that translates best when working with existing 4E material.

For the Sniper Rifle I'd actually make a Bolt Action rifle and give it the Sniper's Weapon enchantment from Adventurer's Vault, by adding the following to the weapon group descriptions: Longarms and Sidearms count as Crossbows for the purpose of using weapon enchantments.

I wouldn't put the SMG as a d12 weapon if the Assault Rifle is only a d10, even given the higher ammo/target. Assault Rifles do a lot of damage when they hit.

Most of the weapon powers seem more like feats, especially Lay Into 'em and Burst Fire.

2009-02-12, 02:17 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a burst 3 a 7x7 square (area of 49 squares)? That seems like a bit too much spray for an automatic weapon. A burst 1 is a going to cover 9 squares just fine.

Also, I'm not a big fan of the shotgun. Even buckshot gets projected to a fair distance and the cone-of-effect rules you have for it looks silly and complicated (aside from being a video game cliche). There is also such a thing as solid slugs as well. I'd probably make the "buckshot" a primary attack with secondary attacks on adjacent squares.

I've also given some passing thought to statting up a sci-fi modern 4e system, but you would have to rethink some assumptions about how powers work and what the Will defense means.

2009-02-12, 08:52 PM
Burst 3 refers to an area 3 squares to a side. A 3x3 square, which is the area covered by the dragon breath power.

I like the lot, but I highly doubt I'll ever get to use it.:smallbiggrin:

Mando Knight
2009-02-12, 09:34 PM
Burst 3 refers to an area 3 squares to a side. A 3x3 square, which is the area covered by the dragon breath power.

I like the lot, but I highly doubt I'll ever get to use it.:smallbiggrin:

Area Burst 3 within Y would be a square with the edges 3 squares away from the targeted center, or a 7x7 square. Close Blast 3 is a square with 3-square edges, and is the power size of a Dragonborn's breath. Close Burst 3 is a square with edges centered on the user, where each edge is 3 squares away from the edge of the user's space. For example, Tiamat's Chromatic Breath is a Close Burst 30, so being a Huge creature, that burst is a 63x63 square.

2009-02-13, 09:56 PM
...Okay, now I feel silly.:redface: