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2009-02-15, 05:37 AM
It's not completed but it certainly is interesting. (http://apotheon.net/rpg/prpg/class/tinker.rhtml)

Issues with the SRD

Rogues: The site explains how rogues are not proficient with weapons like blowguns and garrotes. It says that they should certainly be exotic weapons.

Personally, I argue that the weapons should be simple since they're easy to use and easy to make (most likely widely available in any location), meaning that a GM can simply assume that the rogue is proficient with it. Both weapons deal damage under special circumstances.

A garrote is a toughened piece of twine that only applies on a sneak attack and/or when the enemy is both flatfooted and unaware (in the case of other classes using the weapon for the latter). It might require a grapple action and maybe offers an STR bonus to strangling someone. A garrote could even be an improvised weapon, although this can always result in arguments with the GM.

A blow gun doesn't usually do damage unless the dart itself is massive or perhaps under the affects of a critical strike. The dart is meant to be filled with poison or other chemicals (pain serum, anyone?). The same rules as normal darts apply. The gun increases the range of the dart so that it doesn't have to be thrown and force the opponent to be as close to his opponent. Blowguns would have a reload time just like crossbows, though not necessarily the same time since its a matter of popping a dart in the tube. Blowguns would be fairly cheap.

As for weapons the rogue is said to be able to use, the SRD indicates that a sap is a martial weapon. Why? It isn't all that difficult to use, unless I'm wrong.

IMHO, exotic weapons are exotic either because they are highly unavailable or require particular training to use or both. A spiked chain is particularly difficult to use effectively. A repeating crossbow, while easy, is highly unavailable. The setting also affects what weapons are exotic.

Finally, the feat deflect arrows: Unusually massive projectiles? What would constitute unusually massive? Weapons two sizes larger than the character? Weapons that fly too fast (bullets)?

Maybe a monk should simply auto-dodge bullets instead of deflecting them and it wouldn't apply to automatic weapons unless at higher levels (when they're running up walls; figuratively of course although there is a feat that does that). Also, I could be wrong but didn't it used to be that a monk could deflect a number of arrows equal to his/her dex modifier?

2009-02-15, 04:08 PM
The Tinker class is pretty cool, especially kludge. I've been working on a tinker class myself for a long time but I can never get it right, that kinda gave me a couple ideas I want to use.

I think errata for rogues says they're proficient with blackjacks but I could be wrong...
The wording for deflect is also kinda funky, I agree with you though, say one or two size categories above the person with deflect.