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2009-02-15, 01:37 PM
One of the handbooks on the WotC forums (Dragonfire Adept) pointed out the Beguiler race from forgotten realms: Shining south.
Now this race is listed as "Level Adjustment: +0 (cohort)"
I'm assuming that this means it's suitable as a cohort with character levels equal to a human cohort (correct me if I'm wrong), but how does this relate to playing one as a character? is there a general rule?

Iku Rex
2009-02-15, 01:59 PM
The RAW are not quite clear.

The (cohort) tag could mean that a creature is especially suited to be a cohort, or that it is only intended as a cohort.

Either way there's no game mechanical reason to think races with a (cohort) LA are less balanced as PCs than other monster races.

2009-02-15, 02:04 PM
Iku's right that the RAW isn't clear, but I personally think the RAI is that LA +X (Cohort) means that a creature is ONLY suited to be a Cohort, and not a PC. (Look at the Manticore and Griffon and stuff like that for examples.) If I were DMing I MIGHT allow a LA (Cohort) as a PC with the given LA, but I'd take a look over it before approving it to see why there might be a distinction.

The only thing I can find in the SRD is the following, in the "Reading Monster Entries" section:

Level Adjustment

This line is included in the entries of creatures suitable for use as player characters or as cohorts (usually creatures with Intelligence scores of at least 3 and possessing opposable thumbs).

2009-02-15, 02:37 PM
Ah, It's a bit fuzzy then. Thanks guys.
If I decide I want to use the Beguiler Race I'll take it up with my DM.

(who wouldn't want to play an uzzy-wuzzy ickle mousey-wousey...with dragonfire Adept levels)

2009-02-15, 02:53 PM
I recall an interesting adventure in the 2nd ed Book Of Lairs featuring beguilers.

Course, if you are using PHB2, you could play a Beguiler beguiler :smallamused:

2009-02-16, 07:56 AM
I think they use the "cohort" tag for creatures that aren't suitable as PC's, usually due to lack of hands. Most of the intelligent magical beasts in the Monster Manual have it, for instance.

2009-02-16, 02:28 PM
Pure hand bigotry.

The design philosphy of DnD has always had a considerable amount of bigotry as a general design philosphy.

Originally it was all about penalising all those "demi-human" races with class and level limits. They've slowly accepted that players like to play non-humans but they still don't want to keep PC's as "human-like" creatures.

There is no particular reason for not playing "no-hand" creatures. There's enough books featuring non-hand main protaginists. All it takes is imagination on the part of players and GMs, and that is what this game is supposed to be about, imagination.

Stephen E