View Full Version : Furioso (Bard Prc, 3.5)

2009-02-26, 12:19 AM
Just holding some space for now, but here's what I've got:

Bard/barbarian based PrC, requiring rage and some other fun bardic stuff. Shouldn't be too far out of anyone's way.

The class's focus is bardic rage, which is activated with rage uses. It gives benefits to strength and charisma and bardic music, but you're fatigued and hoarse at the end and have to burn bardic music or rage to keep it going.

As the class gains levels, you find new ways to dump your bardic music, spell slots, or rage to activate special effects.

Thematically, it'll be an overpassioned bard who calls upon his emotions to enhance his music.

2009-02-26, 02:26 AM
Could be good.
(Mostly Joking)Will they get a special bonus for smashing their lute to kindling against the ground at the end of a performance?(/Mostly Joking)