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Falling Out
2009-03-01, 03:52 PM
I've been running a gestalt solo campaign for a solo PC and could use some help adding depth to the story. This is a Planes heavy setting.

Player: a gestalt cleric4 // conjurer 3/master summoner 1, with domain focus (summoning), imbue summons feat, and divine metamagic feat, and the divine banishment variant (chaos) to turn chaotic outsiders rather than undead. The character is a young goth girl (hellborn) who remembers little of her early childhood and has been wandering the wastes for quite some time. She is a sweet child with a very dark streak. Something along the lines of Wednesday from Adams Family or Lydia from BeetleJuice. Nearly every time she runs into trouble Devils show up and 'sweetly' help her out.

She ran with some adventurer's earlier on (earlier game) who enrolled her in a specialist school for gifted children. The school is like a mix of Hogwarts (Harry Potter) and the X-men school. Most of the adventures have been centered around classes where she competes for scrolls and grades. ie. summoning pokeman-like tournament, catching giant wasps for poison classes, and interacting with undead in Voodoo class.

I am planning to end the first year of school with a Planes and Outsiders class that goes awry. The senior conjurer does not notice her gate has been tampered with until a flood of quasits and a succubus break through (draining kiss the teacher into submission) and run amok. Given PC's unique ability to banish, she should really shine in this otherwise extremely tough battle and gain a little acceptance/fear/respect among classmates who up to now have ostracized her gothy-creepness.

Where we want to go eventually (many levels from now) is a Hellboy type theme where she is exposed as a secret weapon of Asmodeus for the blood wars...a mortal child endowed with the ability to scour demons and summon for legions of devils. She is the key for a invasion of the abyss.

I would like her to stay in school for at least 3 more levels (until 8th). So I need class/assignment/Harry Potter-like encounters and challenge suggestion for levels 5-8.

Themes I am already working with:

1. Demon/devils conflict (she beat a tiefling in the summoning competition who was an older student and who's family has Abyssal ties - he hates her now)

2. Shady diggings - she found a small team of undead with a homunculus overseer digging up artifacts in the school's cellar. Likely a side-quest with an undead/witchdoctor feel - connected to one of her professors who is a necromancer (but not necessary a BBEG)? *** Unsure where to take this...

3. Her only friend in the school is a Were-Viper (but she does not know of the disease yet) who has Yuan-Ti connections who is quiet, with underlying rage issues, and an overall creepy kid. (he is a DMPC were-viper Barbarian 1///Hexblade1)

BUT, I need help getting from where we are to where we're going...how do I fill in the rest with exiting and fun advancement?

Falling Out
2009-03-02, 06:54 PM
Did I write too much and bore everyone?

Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-02, 11:50 PM
I really like the idea!

Lets see ideas..........

Living spells are always fun. A living animate dead spell that found a cemetary (or something).

Someone challenges her to a spell duel, or, better yet, a summoners chess match! (See CW).

Um, thats all I could think of on short notice. But good luck on the campaign!

Falling Out
2009-03-03, 12:24 PM

I've already tried the summoner duel (a good event that I will do again)

I liked the living spell idea. I think I can work it as an "accident" during a class assignment.

2009-03-03, 02:25 PM
Rival school starts causing havoc for some reason (contest, revenge, random choice).

A couple of the teachers are members of a secret society dedicated to awakening an ancient, powerful evil. The PCs start noticing signs of wierdness as the evil awakens more and more. If they fail to stop the teachers before they complete the ritual, the school is in trouble (and gets saved by a GMPC, if you really need the school). The teachers are too busy dealing with the wierdness to investigate, leaving it up to the PCs.

Field Trips to locations that go awry (chaperon gets eaten/charmed, teleportation spells that go wrong, etc).

Trouble in the Transmuting class ends up with a duplicating giant hamster that doubles every time it is hit by enough spell damage to 'kill' it. This leaves the PCs to find a non-magical solution to ending this tribble-like threat.

Just some ideas off the top of my head.

2009-03-03, 03:46 PM
Maybe Umbrella academy is worth a read?

It's about a school for gifted youngsters with... questionable... teaching methods. Good read, and might be relevant.