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2009-03-02, 01:39 AM
So I was wondering how many Bard PRC's/Feats/Alternate class features there where that let a bard use it's bardic music in some form of Direct damage.
I know of two. Halfling whistler and the stormsinger. I was wondering if any of the playgrounders out there knew of any?

Thanks all.

Raging Gene Ray
2009-03-02, 01:47 AM
I think the Lyric Thamaturge (Complete Mage) eventually gets something called "Sonic Might" which lets them do sonic damage.

EDIT: Where is "Halfling Whistler" from?

2009-03-02, 01:58 AM
It's not DIRECT damage, but the Dragonfire Inspiration feat in Dragon Magic. It gives you and allies +1d6 bonus damage per plus of your Inspire Courage bonus. It requires you to be a dragon, have the Dragonblood subtype, or something like that.

Keld Denar
2009-03-02, 02:07 AM
Sublime Chord gets Song of Cosmic Fire, which, while it has a really neat name, actually really sucks. Oh, and you need to be level 20 to get it, because you can't take your first level of SC before ECL11, and its the 10th level capstone meaning it only falls at level 20. Thus....Terribad!

2009-03-02, 02:27 AM
Seeker of the Song, from Complete Arcane, does exactly this. It's generally regarded as subpar, mostly because you can't take it until you reach a really high level and the abilities aren't on par with what other classes of the same character level can do, and it doesn't advance spellcasting, but it's really interesting and does direct damage with bardic music.

2009-03-02, 08:47 AM
Thank you all for the responces.

I was hoping to find something lower level to help.. as most seem like 10+ prc's before you get the dmg.

Ill keep looking,

Dragon fire insperation is good i forgot about it, not what i was looking for but its still good idea...

well if any one thinks of any other one... all sources including dragon that would rock thanks...

also for you entertainment halfling wistler: