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The Demented One
2006-09-04, 09:00 PM
By request of Eighth Seraph

The Penumbra, Shadow Within Shadows

The Penumbra seems at first to be a fist-sized, pulsing sphere of shadowstuff. However, when touched, it flows onto the body of whoever touched it, wrapping around them like a cloak of shadow.

Nonlegacy Statistics
Cloak of Resistance +1

The wearer of the Penumbra’s shadow moves of its own accord, making vaguely sinister gestures.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the Penumbra, normal knowledge checks cannot be used to learn of it. Instead, its history can only be learned through flashbacks gained by mentally linking to it. Doing so functions like a Knowledge check in terms of how long it takes and whether it can be tried again, but requires a Charisma check to bound to the Penumbra.

Sennik Brenstum, foremost scholar of travel-based psionic forces among the Night-touched, was the creator and first wielder of this powerful item. Sennik was among the few of the Night-Touched who sided with the Shadow when defense proved to be futile against it, and he very quickly rose in the ranks, learning powerful secrets of the Shadow nd its nature. One day, however, he learned in his studies that the Shadow would, to ensure there be no disloyalty in his ranks, dispose of all gnommish servants, after learning the full extent of their magic and psionics. (Mindlink DC 12)

Sennik was very quick to attempt to escape, but a bond with such a being as the Shadow was not so easily broken. He began searching within himself for a way to step away from the Shadow's influence, and in his meditations found an alien force within himself. Calling it out, he expelled the force, rather violently, from his psyche; upon which it began to float before him, taken physical form as the Penumbra (Mindlink DC 15, Exorcism of Shadow).

Sennik knew, however, that if he were to abandon this darkenss, that the Shadow would immediately sense what had occurred and his life would instantly become forfeit. So Sennik donned the Penumbra and began to feign continued allegiance to the Shadow. Inevitably, though, he was sent to battle against the remnants of the Night-Touched with a light force of minor shadows at his back; leading the opposing army was former friend and ally, Silas Lindsen. Seeing this as a prime opportunity, Sennik used the Penumbra's powers of darkness to destroy the shadows himself before they realized his betrayal and could mentally contact their master (Mindlink DC 18, Silent Betrayal).

He explained to Silas what had happened, and that if enough of the Night-Touched's more powerful mages and psions were still alive, then he knew a way in which to seal the Shadow. Sennik then began using the Penumbra's power openly against the Shadow, and began to scribe a book containing the various secrets he had learned of the shadow, so that once his seal was complete, the world would not be taken unaware again. (Mindlink DC 21, Written Redemption)

Exorcism of Shadow: You must spend twenty-four hours in silent contemplation of your psyche, and at the end of this time, add an essence of your darkness to the Penumbra. Ritual cost: 2,000 gp; Feat granted: Least Legacy (The Penumbra)

Silent Betrayal: You must feign allegiance to the Shadow for a period of at least five days after acquiring the Penumbra, and then betray the Shadow by destroying atleast five of its servants of atleast four dit dice each. Ritual cost: 20,000 gp; Feat granted: Lesser Legacy (The Penumbra)

Written Redemption: After your betrayal against the Shadow, you must write down everything you learned about the Shadow's tactics and abilities when you served under it, and later pretending to serve under it into a book, a process which takes a total of twelve hours. You and anyone else who reads this book gains a +1 to any rolls directly opposing the shadow or his servants. Ritual cost: 40,000; Feat granted: Greater Legacy (The Penumbra)

Wielder Requirements
Alignment: Any nongood
Skills: Spellcraft 8 ranks
Spells: Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells

LevelSkill Check PenaltyHit Point LossSpell Slot LossSpecial
6th–21stCloak of Resistance +2
8th––2ndCloak of Resistance +3
11th–––Shadow Conjuration
13th-22–Umbral Potence
15th–––Shadow Evocation
16th––6thCloak of Resistance +5
17th–––Shadow Walk
Darkness (Sp)
Once per day, at 5th level, you may cause the Penumbra to shed darkness, as the spell.

Blur (Sp)
At 10th level, you may use blur three times per day on your self only.

Shadow Conjuration (Sp)
At 11th level, you may use shadow conjuration once per day. At 18th level, you may instead use greater shadow conjuration once per day.

Umbral Potence (Su)
At 13th level, you gain a +1 enhancement bonus to your arcane caster level.

Shadow Evocation (Sp)
At 15th level, you may use shadow evocation once per day. At 18th level, you may instead use greater shadow evocation once per day.

Shadow Walk (Sp)
At 17th level, you may use shadow walk once per day.

Shadow Conjuration (Sp)
At 20th level, you may use shades once per day.

2006-09-10, 07:02 PM
History and rituals complete, waiting on D1 to actually modify the post already.

The Demented One
2006-09-10, 07:19 PM
Oh, that's why you sent them to me. Sorry.

EDIT: Okay, they're in. How do you like the implementation of the mindlink mechanic?

2006-09-10, 08:02 PM
I like how you managed to make the DCs for the mindlink, especially since they're toned down to be knowledge checks as opposed to knowledge(history) checks. Wow, this looks kinda pretty. Now on to make the histories for Teluos and the Sun Scorcher. By the way D1, if you get inspiration to make any more legacy weapons, feel free to make it for one of the characters from Pseudelity. Though the campaign has been terminated in an immediate sense, I'm going to spend a few hours a week for the next year or so to finish the entire world for future use.