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2009-03-03, 06:26 AM
If you are one of my players: DON'T READ THIS!

Ok, so I'm trying to make a powerfull spellcaster, arcane, preferebly with wizard or something similar (not sorcerer tho') as base class. now I want him to be badass and strong with a capital S. He should be quite a match for a group of lv 14-15 characters. any advice as to how i should build him?
(also: no lich. pure human)

2009-03-03, 06:31 AM
I'd recommend a paragon human wizard 20/archmage 5/IotSV 7 with items appropriate for a PC of that level.:smallamused:

2009-03-03, 06:35 AM
What does your group look like Shademan? It would be rather a shame to create something too powerful, ending with the imminent demise of your PC's.

2009-03-03, 06:45 AM
One thing that should probably be noted, however, is that said spellcaster should have some way(s) of preventing the PCs from making him a powerless commoner via anti-magic field or something similar.

Consider giving him some sort of hencheman/lieutenant who can go toe to toe with the PCs, preventing them from swarming the badguy.

2009-03-03, 07:20 AM
lets see, the party consist of a powerful blackguard/paladin/ and two levels of cleric who THINKS he is good, a silent-guy halfling assassin, a mighty tiefling spellcaster (custom class, uses CON as base for spellcasting and have some powers that cost HP to use) a half dragon cleric that specialises in ranged combat, and a barbarian that is lv 10-11 while the others are 12-13.

2009-03-03, 07:22 AM
For a BBEG, I'd definitely use Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. If the party is level 14-15, you could toss level 17-18 Initiate at them as a reasonable challenge, which means he has finished the class and might even have a level in Archmage. Initiate is wonderful because their defenses are superb meaning bringing him down is very, very difficult (you might pick up Craft Contingent Spell, but use it sparingly so that it's not impossible for the party to win), and he just so happens to be immune to Anti-Magic Field as long as his Veils are online.

You have all the normal Wizardly awesome and very powerful offensive anti-magic abilities (to rain death upon the party's boosts, gear and all that). Then, as a corollary, you can have abilities that depend partially on Abjuration, such as Planar Bound monsters (you could have a Balor as your brute on those levels), stuff available through Gate and so on. And lots of different barriers and all that.

But yea, a teleporting, nigh' invulnerable, magic-wrecking man of doom sounds just like what you're looking for. Alternatively, make a Sublime Shadowcraft Mage. However, I'd say Abjurer makes for a better BBEG since his immense defensive capabilities mean that killing him is an epic undertaking thus ensuring a tough final battle. Have him pack his own Shaped Anti-Magic Field along with all sorts of offensive Abjuration like Anti-Magic Ray, Arcane Turmoil, Spell Theft, (culminating in the epic Maw of Chaos & Initiate's level 7-ability Kaleidoscopic Doom) and summoned beasts.

If possible, have him show his complete dominion over extraplanar creatures by having one rebel against him only to be dismissed with a small wave of the hand (he has Greater Spell Focus: Abjuration meaning his Dismissal-type spells are nigh' impossible to resist).

And yea, have him buff himself defensively with everything you can think of (Anticipate Teleport, Superior Resistance, Mind Blank, Magic Circle against Good, shaped Anti-Magic Field, Energy Immunity, Absorption, Contingency, Instant Refuge & Heart of X-line & Moment of Prescience/Foresight - before fight, cast Ironguard, Greater Mirror image, Displacement & Effulgent Epuration). He should be immune to almost every negative status effect and save and so on, forcing them to try and penetrate the Veils and Contingencies to get up and personal with the BBEG.

All the spells I've mentioned are in Spell Compendium, PHB, Complete Mage & PHBII.

Build I'd suggest:
Abjurer 3/Master Specialist 6/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7/Master Specialist 1 (followed by Archmage in the end if you make him above level 17)

Banned schools would probably be two from the list of Evocation/Necromancy/Enchantment. You can use Contingency through Shadow Evocation. Although Instant Refuge wouldn't be available that way.

Although banning Enchantment & Necromancy isn't a bad option either as Astral Projection/Planeshift/Genesis defense would be a bit too strong & there isn't much else in the two schools; Enchantment pretty much stop existing once Mind Blank enters the picture.

2009-03-03, 07:28 AM
He should be quite a match for a group of lv 14-15 characters. any advice as to how i should build him?

What books are allowed?

As a rule, I'd make him Level 15, plus the number of players in your group. I'm guessing he should be level ~19-20 (don't make him Epic, that's an instant-win for him, every time). As a High-Level Wizard, he should be wiping the floor with everyone. Polymorph-cheese for the Insta-win. Try and go for one of the Draconic Ally feats, and ride around with a Great Wyrm Dragon (Black is my colour of choice).

To prevent being hamstrung by AMFs and the like, I'd take more than a few Duskblade (perhaps Hexblade?) levels.
Abjurant Champion is a good PrC.
Load up on a few Reserve Feats?

Elusive Target is a must, for the pure fact that it negates Power Attack, usually a Front-Liners source of reliable damage.

High DEX, and Improved Initiative means he should get the first go. If he doesn't, remember one thing; How do the players know what you rolled? His Opening Move should be a Time Stop. Gate. Win.

A 20th Level Mystic Theurge (Cleric 3 / Wizard 7 / MT 10) is somewhat scary if you don't want to be too cheesy.

2009-03-03, 07:37 AM
Honestly, the best way to counteract AMF is just simple block of the line of effect. Initiate's Purple Veil does just that (and I think blue one too); you can just walk into Anti-Magic Fields like it wasn't there (also, you can keep your own AMF with hole in the center for you active, meaning everyone trying to hit you must do so from an AMF). The second best way is Contingency: When I'm 5' from AMF, Teleport/Dimension Door/Whatever. Third one is just readying action to cast Wall of Force, which will make the guy in AMF (and thus unable to remove it) cry. Fourth is the level 9 spell from Lords of Madness called "Invoke Magic", which allows casting a level 4 or lower spell in AMF/Dead Magic Zone/whatever.

Of course, it's really easy to cram a Greater Stone Golem/Pit Fiend/whatever in front of the guy in AMF and have it beat him up real good.

2009-03-03, 07:38 AM
A boss like this should always have some minions who aren't necessarily dangerous, but should take at least one character two rounds or one round from each of two characters to take out of the fight. Constructs, Zombies, and summoned minions are all good for this.

Have you already decided the type of flavor this boss will have, and what his lair will be like? One of the best ways of making a spellcaster boss stronger is putting him in a cold environment and using spells/feats from Frostburn. Set it up so the PCs have to swim through a tunnel flooded with frigid water before entering the BBEG's room, anyone with wet clothes will take a -10 penalty on Fortitude saves to resist cold-based effects (Frostburn p10). They can encounter a pair of 12-headed Cryohydras, or one but with the elite array and replace Iron Will and Toughness with Snatch and Multisnatch (Draconomicon).

I'd make him a specialist Conjurer with Evocation and Enchantment prohibited. Give him Rapid Summoning (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#conjurerVariants) in exchange for his Familiar, and give him the feat Obtain Familiar from CA to get Abrupt Jaunt from PH2 in exchange for that one. Get Arcane Disciple (CD) for the Lust domain (SC) and go Conjurer 3/ Master Specialist 10/ Mindbender 1/ Thaumaturgist 4. Also get the feat Rashemi Elemental Summoning from Unapproachable East, just take 2 ranks in Knowledge: Local Rashemen to qualify. Also get the feat Mindsight from Lords of Madness page 126, he'll automatically know who's around, he'll automatically know their Int scores, and he'll be able to give telepathic orders to his summoned minions. He should also have Snowcasting (FB) and Eschew Materials, along with Quicken Spell. You should also give him two Simulacrums, each will also be under the effect of Snowsight and have Obscuring Snow cast, and each round they'll take turns readying an action to counterspell and casting Enervation or Orb of [energy] (SC). He should have a standard Metamagic Rod of Quicken, a Lesser Rod of Maximize, and a standard Rod of Chain Spell (CA), and all the typical Wizard buffs. His Contingent Conjuration should be a Summon Monster VI for a Large Orglash Air Elemental, which triggers when he casts his first spell of the fight.

Have him use a Potion of Snowsight (FB) prior to the battle, and cast Obscuring Snow (FB), Overland Flight, Moment of Prescience (for initiative), and he should have a Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (SC) cast in the doorway. He should fly around in the back of the room, using crowd control effects and summoned minions to stop the PCs from doing anything, relying mostly on his minions to do damage. There should be a trap a few squares inside the door that triggers a Freezing Fog spell (SC). His first round he should Maze whoever has the lowest Int score, and then use his Major School Esoterica to cast a Quickened Summon Monster IX for an Elder Thomil Earth Elemental which will immediately appear and attempt to Engulf the smallest opponents present. On his second round he should cast a Quickened (Rod of) Maximized Blood Snow (FB), which with Snowcasting it will be a cold effect and they'll get a -10 to their save if their clothes are still wet. He should also cast either Flesh to Ice (FB) modified by Snowcasting or Heartfreeze (FB) using his Rod of Chain Spell, again they'll get a -10 to their saves for having wet clothes. On the third and subsequent rounds he should be casting more Quickened summoning spells, either with his Major School Esoterica or his Rod of Quicken, and casting crowd control effects like Maze, Freezing Fog, and Wall spells when necessary, or casting damage spells like Orb of [energy] (SC) and (Rod of) Maximized Ice Lance (SC), using Snowcasting on everything.

If you think he may need more minions, throw in 1-3 of the following: Ice Golem (FB), 12-headed Cryohydra with Snatch and Multisnatch, Ice Beast (FB) of an Advanced (18 HD) Frost Salamander (MM2), Ice Beast (FB) Dire Polar Bear (FB), Abominable Yeti (FB) Hulking Hurler (CW), or a Living Spell (MM3) of Avasculate (SC) with Snowcasting. You could even get rid of the Simulacrums, ban Illusion instead of Evocation, and give him a scroll of Iceberg (FB) if you really want to be mean.

2009-03-03, 08:01 AM
made a pic of him:
dosnt seem to work tho


wasnt planning of making him a very frosty mage, but i'll keep that in mind for later villains.

as for the books we use: we use any and all! ;P

and minions: he have allied himself with several dragons, and have a extensive breeding program for making a army of half dragons.

but his magic won't be very dragon focused. i want him abit versatile.
and what book was that veilmaster from didya say?

2009-03-03, 08:16 AM
made a pic of him


wasnt planning of making him a very frosty mage, but i'll keep that in mind for later villains.

as for the books we use: we use any and all! ;P

and minions: he have allied himself with several dragons, and have a extensive breeding program for making a army of half dragons.

but his magic won't be very dragon focused. i want him abit versatile.
and what book was that veilmaster from didya say?

Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil is from Complete Arcane. The whole build I suggested is from Core, Complete Arcane, Complete Mage (Master Specialist is from there), Player's Handbook II & Spell Compendium (the latter two for spells; Spell Compendium in particular hugely expands a caster's horizons).

That should make him badass enough to enter the fight himself very well protected and toss a variety of spells at the general direction of the party. Explosive Runes could lead to hilarity too.

Pick Improved Familiar: Anything with Telepathy (Imp or Quasit depending on alignment, for example) and have him Psychic Reformation the Familiar to have Mindsight and keep him always nearby; then he could channel commands through his familiar and use his familiar as a sort of a radar.

The other big BBEG thing is a specialized Illusionist. Illusion is insanely potent against PCs and they'll probably be hammering the wrong guy much of the time. Initiate probably has more of a badass-quality to him.

2009-03-03, 08:18 AM
It depends on how optimised the party is. And on his concept and motivations.

If he's a Vaarsuvius type POWER AT ANY COST guy, then Ur-Priest/Mystic Theurge works well. Or Eldritch Theurge, although that's getting a little close to Sorcerer.

If they're an attacking, inventive type, then Incantatrix can work well. Use the Magic of Faerun one, though. The PGtF one is five kinds of broken.

If they're a defending type, then Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil.

PrCs that are useful in any case include Master Specialist and Archmage.