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2009-03-05, 02:26 AM
Hey all, I thought I'd create an ongoing thread to post my homebrew feats for your perusal and critique.

We'll start with this one:

Prerequisites: Cha 13, ability to spontaneously cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: The character counts as a sorcerer in terms of qualifying for heritage feats (Celestial Sorcerer Heritage, Infernal Sorcerer Heritage, Draconic Heritage etc.). His sorcerer level is considered equal to his highest level in any spontaneous arcane casting class. For instance, a mutliclassed warmage 5/dread necromancer 3 would count as a 5th level sorcerer in order to qualify for heritage feats. The character does not count as a sorcerer for any other purpose, such as gaining a familiar, using wands etc.
Special: Although a sorcerer can take this feat, it grants him no special benefits.

2009-03-09, 08:43 PM
Next feat:

Prerequisites: Advanced Learning class feature, Spellcraft 6 ranks
Benefit: Each time you gain access to your Advanced Learning class feature, you may instead add one spell of any School of Magic from the Sorcerer / Wizard Spell List to your list of Known Spells. The spell counts as one level higher than normal, so Mirror Image would be a 3rd level spell (instead of a 2nd as usual).
Special: You may alternate between ‘Advanced Learning’ and ‘Eclectic Learning’ as desired.

2009-03-10, 12:39 PM
I dislike the first one, mainly because I think anyone should be able to take the heritage feats, so I see little reason to need to take a feat so that you can say "My X was a Dragon/whatever" and take some pretty bad feats.

The second is just....why? Warmages get that as an ACF already, and now the other classes must pay for the privilege? Also, at least the Beguiler actually has some decent spells to choose from, unlike the Warmage.

2009-03-10, 04:49 PM
Thanks for the feedback.

The point of the first feat is that although you think anyone should be able to take heritage feats, by RAW you cannot. This is a homebrewed feat to allow people to close to RAW if they want to take the heritage feats. If the Dm wants to handwave the requirements, then naturally, this feat becomes redundant.

The second feat was designed to give Beguilers and Dread Necromancers the options to have a couple of spells outside of their "niche". A beguiler might like to take one direct damage spell, for instance; a Dread Necro might want to take a utility spell like Fly. Again, many DMs already handwave the rules so that Beguilers and Dread Necros get Eclectic Learning as a class feature already - these feats are designed for games where this isn't the case.