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2009-03-06, 11:32 PM
Objects and Actions (Dash Flow Chart)

When encountering a new condition to a setting, there are a few factors that must be considered:

- Is it unique? If yes…

- Is it a weapon/armor/shield/Item/Construct? If yes and…

- If it is an Item/Construct… What is its nature? (Psionic, Magical, Technological; corresponding knowledge checks can discern its nature after observing what it does or prior with –4 modifier)

- If it is Psionic… Knowledge: Psionics will discern its function, etc. Use: Psionic Device involves use of the object.

- If it is Magical… Spellcraft or Knowledge: Arcana will discern its function (at GM discretion which one), or an identify spell. Use: Magic Device involves use of the object.

- If it is Technological… Knowledge: Science and Technology will discern its function, however thorough observation will offer a +4 bonus to the check (+2 if observation is rushed). At GM discretion, an extended search check might instead suffice. Use: Technological Device involves use of the object, although some are simple enough that figuring out the function may lead to the character deducing that it is ‘user-friendly’. Character’s who deduce the function of a technological device of this sort have the freedom to explain to others how it is used, however a use: technological device check required to operate the object will still apply if such a check is needed. If it is a weapon/armor/shield it is exotic.

- If it is a weapon/armor/shield… It’s Exotic, unless at GM discretion.

- Other extraneous conditions to do with the object: Are always at GM discretion (ie. A turret that can only rotate 180 degrees, and can only face directly horizontal with ground level will be something that the characters discover and merely applies as a house ruled condition).

- Is the Item/Construct Sentient/Conscious? If so…

- It cannot be controlled by means of the ‘Use’ skills unless at GM discretion however knowledge skills can still be applied in order to discern the nature of the item/construct

- If it is a weapon/armor/shield… It’s Exotic

If it is a structure then...

- Minimal Knowledge: Architecture/Engineering checks can determine what it appears to be and higher checks can determine how it came to be (natural/unnatural, etc.)

- If it is not a weapon/armor/shield/Item/Construct, then

- It is completely at GM discretion