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2009-03-09, 11:11 AM
A bit of background. The party in my campaign consisted of three characters:

Half-Dragon Spellscale Were-Sun Lizard (homebrewed 1 HD lizard as base animal) Animal 1/Battle Sorcerer 5
Catfolk Were-Leopard Animal 3/Rogue 3/Scout 2
Goliath Were-Dire Badger Animal 3/Barbarian 2/Fighter 3

Last session, I had a new player ask to join. The party is currently running through Tomb of Horrors, so I had to be creative in how to introduce him. I knew they had a stone salve, so I added a flesh to stone trap, and he was standing on top of it, in statue form... and had been for about 1000 years. He's a wood elf alternate ranger 9 with no spellcasting.

I quickly discovered, however, that even at a higher level the Ranger was too squishy. Lack of DR, coupled with lower stats due to a lack of lycanthropy, meant he just took too much damage, and didn't really have more HP than anyone except the Sorcerer, even with more HD. As a solution, I want to give him the Mineral Warrior template, slightly modified.

Here's the version I plan to give him (and I won't give it a name in game, but it's based on Mineral Warrior):

+2 str
+4 con
-2 int
-2 wis
-2 cha
+3 natural armor
DR 5/Adamantine

The idea being that he has a resurgence of some of the qualities of stone... lingering effects of being turned to stone for a millennium. However, this is a bit weaker than the actual template - I reduced the DR by 3 to match the amount of DR the rest of the party had. And I removed the burrow speed and earth strike abilities of the template. Does it still seem reasonable to call this a +1 template?