View Full Version : Tacking on frightful presence to my "Zombie lord"

2009-03-12, 05:18 PM
Hes not really a zombie lord hes just my low level undead fighter that id like to add a little extra punch to. Currently as he is just a level 7 fighter I think the party would eat him alive...

2009-03-12, 06:54 PM
What level are the PCs?

There's the feat Frightful Presence in the Draconomicon, all it requires is a minimum Cha score and Intimidate ranks. There's also the feat Dreadful Wrath in Player's Guide to Faerun, which does almost the same thing though keep in mind that fear effects stack. There's a skill trick in Complete Scoundrel called Never Outnumbered, which allows an Intimidate check to cause multiple creatures to become shaken instead of just one. You could also use the Evolved Undead template from Libris Mortis and make the spell-like ability he gets Scare or Fear instead of one of the spells from the list.

Rather than making it an undead Fighter 7, give it 15 racial HD of Undead that's been Awakened via the spell Awaken Undead from Spell Compendium. It would have almost as many feats, the same BAB and better saves, plus its HP would be much higher and Turn Undead probably wouldn't work on it. They would take quite a bit of time to eat through its HP, especially if it's throwing around fear effects. Being a zombie it would be limited to a standard action each round, but give it a big two-handed weapon such as a Greatclub along with Power Attack, and remember that it can still charge.

Say it was created within the area of a Desecrate spell with an evil altar present by someone with the Corpsecrafter feat from Libris Mortis. That will give it an extra +4 Str, +4 Dex, and +4 HP/level.