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2006-09-01, 08:24 PM
The Eldritch Assassin:

Some warlocks use their powers to adventure; others use them for assassinations or thievery. The eldritch assassin is a warlock with a unique skill set, he is an assassin and thief and magic user rolled into one. His skill with magic items I nearly unparalleled, only artificers are more skilled.

Requirements: alignment: none (beyond warlock requirements)
Skills: Use magic device 10 ranks, spellcraft 8 ranks, hide, Move Silently 6 ranks.
Feats: Stealthy

Special: Must have the deceive item class feature and 2 SA dice.

HD: d6
Weapon/armor proficiency: none gained.
Skills: 6+INT mod per level
Class Skills: Bluff, disable device, search, open lock, sense motive, use magic device, Knowledge (Arcana), intimidate, climb, jump, tumble

Saves: Good: Ref and Will
Bad: Fort

1: +1d6 SA +1 invocation caster level
2: Assassinís Invocations +1 invocation caster level
3: +2d6 SA +1 invocation caster level
4: Hideous Ambush I +1 invocation caster level
5: +3d6 SA, +1 invocation caster level
6: Hideous Ambush II +1 invocation caster level
7: +4d6 SA +1 invocation caster level
8: +1 invocation caster level
9: +5d6 SA +1 invocation caster level
10: Death attack +1 invocation caster level

+1 invocation caster level: Increase your effective warlock level by one for determining EB damage and number/grade of invocations known.

Assassinís Invocations: you gain the ability to learn the follow new invocations:
Greater invocation: Mind Clouding Shadows: This mimics the spell distract assailant spell in the complete adventurer.
Dark Invocation: Form of the Shadow Fiend: You gain the benefit of the spells, Sniperís eye and Nightstalkerís Transformation from the Complete Adventurer book. This lasts for 1 hour per level and the sniperís eye effect must be reactivated as a move action if you move from the spot where the invocation was originally activated.

Least invocations: Shadowed Motives: creatures using sense motive on you take a Ė5 penalty and you gain undetectable alignment.

Hideous Ambush I: When using hideous blow on a flat-footed opponent, or one you flank, you do not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Hideous Ambush II: You may make a full attack when using Hideous blow on a flat-footed or flanked opponent

Death Attack, as assassin, except the Eldritch Assassin is not limited to melee attacks, he can also make Death attacks with his eldritch blast from no more than 30 ft, (note: the sniperís eye portion of the invocation ďform of the shadow fiendĒ allows SA and DA out to 60ft) The Eldritch Assassin must make his death attacks with some form of EB.


It's a powerful PrC (IMO) but it's supposed to be a way to make the warlock non-sucky w/o really addressing the real problem ;)

Comments? questions? concerns?