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2006-08-31, 11:45 PM
Genesis Mind Crystal
Non Legacy statistics
Cognizance Crystal (3 Power Points); Cost : 4000 gp;
Omen: This crystal emits a bright flash of neon green light when a power point is drained from it..

The Genesis Mind Crystal Is an artifact from the age of the giants. It was designed to fight the Quori with their abilities. (DC 15)
The Genesis Mind Crystal Never saw use, as the war was ended before there was an opportunity. Eventually a kalashtar psion named Halkhad found it in Xen’drik.(DC 20; Rite of Discovery)
Halkhad took the crystal and started examining its powers. His Sanctuary was soon attacked by the Inspired, who were after the crystal. He managed to defeat them but was badly injured. (DC 25; Rite of Defense)
Halkhad used the crystals power to transport to the astral plane. As his wounds bleed he the crystal reacted to his need, creating a demiplane that was to be his burial ground. He then sent the crystal somewhere on the material plane with the last of his power, before dieing. (DC31; Rite of Pity)

Legacy Rituals
Three rituals are require to unlock all the abilities of the Genesis Mind Crystal
Rite of Discovery:You must make one discovery, and study it for at least one day. This discovery may include finding this item and making the history checks. Cost: 1,500 gp. Feat Gained: Least Legacy (Genesis Mind Crystal )
Rite of Defense: You must single handedly defeat an opponent who takes you by surprise. Cost: 11,000 gp. Feat Gained: Lesser Legacy (Genesis Mind Crystal )
Rite of Pity: You must find Halkhad’s sanctuary and meditate on his peril for 24 hours. Cost: 40,000gp; Feat Gained: Greater Legacy ( Genesis Mind Crystal)

Wielder Requirements
3rd Level Powers
+4 Will save


Legacy Weapon Abilities
Cognizance Upgrade – The Cognizance crystal is able to store additional powerpoints as you level up. The maximum amount at each increase is shown in brackets.
Superior Intellect – You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to intelligence. This increases to +4 at level 14, and +6 at level 18.
Metapsionics – You may apply Extend Power to any power you manifest under 3rd level, 3 times/day. At level 12 you may use Extend Power on up to 6th level powers and Empower Power on up to 3rd level powers, both three times day.
Planeshift – 1/day you can manifest Psionic Planeshift, as the power.
Mindblank – while you have this item, you are treated as if the mind blank power were effecting you.
Genesis – You may manifest genesis as the power. Any owner up may use this ability to three times. Switching bodies does not give you more uses of this ability.