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2006-08-31, 04:19 PM
Sacred Wind Halo
Non Legacy statistics
Ring of Protection +1; Cost : 2000 gp;
Omen:Your hair seems to be blowing in the wind even if none is present, and you have a fate yellow outline above your head.

The Sacred Wind Halo Is a ring from the age of the demons. This ring was rumored to be worn by the bronze dragon Quelloth during the ancient war. (DC 15)
The Sacred Wind Halo Allows one to manipulate Air around them. Quelloth used these to boost his speed, deflect incoming attacks, repulse enemies, and cause damage. Using this item to such effects helped the dragons win Sarlona from the Demons.(DC 20; Rite of Strategy)
Quelloth was put in charge of defending Sarlona. He fought many demon hordes triumphing against them all. Eventually a Rakasha Rajah fought him in single combat. This Rakasha triumphed after taking severe injuries, and fled with the ring. (DC 25; Prayer of the Mighty)
The Rakasha was intercepted by a group of couatls. The Rakasha fought furiously using the wind, but the couatls defeated their wounded opponent, sealing him. One took the ring and hid it in the clouds. Eventually it was given to the giants of xen’drik, but was ultimately used to stop their madness. (DC31; Rite of Desperation)

Legacy Rituals
Three rituals are require to unlock all the abilities of the Sacred Wind Halo
Rite of Strategy:You must Prove your cunning by defeating an opponent of your level +1 in single combat. Cost: 3,500 gp. Feat Gained: Least Legacy (Sacred Wind Halo)
Prayer of the Mighty: Spend 24 hours praying for Quelloth, and his comrades. Cost: 13,500 gp. Feat Gained: Lesser Legacy (Sacred Wind Halo)
Rite of Desperation: You must attempt to survive one week in any environment with nothing but the Sacred Wind Halo. Cost: 43,000gp; Feat Gained: Greater Legacy (Sacred Wind Halo)

Wielder Requirements
Still Mind
3rd Level Spells
+4 Will save


Legacy Weapon Abilities
Feather Fall – The ring also acts as a ring of feather falling.
Deflection – The ring’ deflection bonus increases to +3 at 8th level, and to +5 at 18th
Levitate/Fly – You have a constant levitate effect on you (as the spell). A level 14 this becomes like fly.
Continual Wind – at will you may cast gust of wind. The DC is 13 or 12 + your charisma, whichever is higher.
Haste – 1/day you can cast haste, as the spell.
Wind at My Feet – You have a floating 40 feet speed boost that can be spread across all forms of movement. You may only use 30 feet of it without it becoming a difficult effort (can do for 5 minutes but then you are exhausted). Additionally you can use this Bonus on any mount you have.
Evasion – As the rogue ability.
Plane Shift – 1/day, as the spell.
Wind Spell – three times/day you may use quicken spell on any spell cast that is up to 6th level.
Tornado Blast – Castable 1/day, as the Power (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/tornadoBlast.htm), manifested with 21 power points.

For this ring casters give up spells and their will save to gain a few buffs.