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2006-08-31, 02:12 PM
Snow Slasher
Non Legacy statistics
+1 Dwarven Waraxe; Cost : 2330 gp;
Omen:When drawn an icy wind slashes by.

Snow Slasher Is a dwarven waraxe once wielded by the Dwarven king, Kine Snowslasher. Kin was a dragon shaman serving a silver dragon, and led his kingdom to prosperity, if but for a time.(DC 15)
Snow Slasher was used in many a battle to win the Dwarves dominance over the Mror Holds. Its Icy attack, in combination with its ability to detect treasure, gave Kine a unique edge in becoming King. (DC 20; Respect)
The Silver dragon watched Kine fight evil and win the dwarves their cities. Kine soon came to the silver dragon and gave him double his hold in payment. “Why do you give these to me?” the silver dragon asked. “You gave me the ability to fight evil, I must repay you and my people.” (DC 25; Kindness)
Kine was named king and ruled peacefully for two hundred years. Upon his death the axe was given, foolishly, to his son. His son went on a war path and started try to rule the world. The silver dragon came to stop him, and tried to reason with him, if only because of the respect his father earned. Having failed the Dragon took the axe from him by force. Believing that it was his duty to repay the dwarven people, He hid the weapon where no one would ever search, freezing it in one point of time.(DC31; Wisdom)

Legacy Rituals
Three rituals are require to unlock all the abilities of Snow Slasher
Respect:You must spend 24 hours in silent respect for Kine. Cost: 1,500 gp. Feat Gained: Least Legacy (Snow Slasher)
Respect: Repay any debts owed at least double the amount needed. If you do not have any debts, you must donate money to a charity. This money comes from the ritual cost. Cost: 13,000 gp. Feat Gained: Lesser Legacy (Snow Slasher)
Wisdom: You must prove your grasp of morality to a wiser being (such as a dragon), afterwards you must spend 10 hours in prayers for the ancient dwarves. Cost: 40,000gp; Feat Gained: Greater Legacy (Snow Slasher)

Wielder Requirements
Base attack bonus +3
Dragon aura
Draconic Resolve


Legacy Weapon Abilities
Frost – Your weapon gains the frost ability. At level 11 it is replaced with the icy burst ability.
Detect Treasure – Snowslasher has the ability to detect treasure, and the vaule of treasure through auras.
Less then 100 gp – Faint
101-5000 gp Moderate
5001-25000 gp Strong
25001 – 100000 gp Overwhelming.
Cone of Cold – 1/day you may cast cone of cold. The DC is 17 or 15 + your charisma modifier, whichever is higher.
Ice Storm – 3/day, you may cast Icestorm (as the spell) as a 15th level caster or your Caster level, whichever is greater.
Polar Ray – 2/day cast polar ray as the spell, as a 20th level caster.
Timestop – 1/day cast timestop as the spell, as a 20th level caster.

might be a bit strong, even with the drawbacks. I'm thinking take out the polar ray or the timestop?

Fax Celestis
2006-08-31, 02:23 PM
No, I think it's rather decent. It's not exactly the easiest thing to activate, so that's a restriction in itself.

The SLAs are all usable x/day, and those numbers aren't very high. I think it's good the way it is.

2006-08-31, 02:30 PM
ah and for anyone wanting to know why I'm making legacy items, my pbp game.

I was going to put on cold resistance but then I remebered Dragon shamans can get that anywas.

thanks fax.