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2009-03-17, 12:09 PM
As things seem to draw to a close my imagination has started to entertain itself with possibilities for the nature of Erfworld. One consideration in particular that comes to mind is for Parson's Gaming group: Ashna and the three 'gentlemen'. Now of course I'm not saying that those four actually are any of the erfworlders but it is likely that Parson's game at least would have had them controlling some copies of the erfworld characters. Anyway, enough stalling- some possible scenarios Parson may have had:

1: Generic quest, explore, fight and defeat Boss D&D Game-

GM Parson = Stanley's forces
Ashna & Co = Alliance [Ansom, Jillian, Vinnie & ...Charlie perhaps?]

Parson planned to have his players lead their forces towards defeating 'Big Bad Stanley' all the while dealing with everything Stanley threw at them [sneak attacks and such].

This idea makes sense- it throws encounters at the players which force them to think on their feet while leveling up. The alliance 'heroes' are forced to use scouts and divide in order to deal with all threats, before discussing with one another what plan of attack to take. Jillian would make an interesting character to play, subject to a 'spell' that must be overcome before she could truly help out her fellow players.

But then again, it would seem like a rather bog-standard game for a obsessively dedicated Gamesmaster like Parson. However, having Charlie as a machiavellian player not that fond of full-on roleplaying would explain his curious nature...

2: Alternative survive and defend against the overwhelming odds Game-

GM Parson = Alliance
Ashna & Co = Stanley's forces [Stanley, Wanda, Sizemore &... Hamster?]

Parson planned to have his players play with the odds stacked against them, forcing them to make cunning, shrewd moves in order to deal with everything the Alliance throws at them. Parson as GM would present them with apparents tools to use to to take down their opponents [Jillian as a potential spy, Charlie as someone they could negotiate with etc] before finding a way to strip them of it and force them to come up with something new.

This game seems slightly more interesting- letting the players be the "Dark Side" and throw in the idea of having one player as the selfish Stanley. It would also much more be in line with Parson's "forcing his players to outcheat him" scenario.

3: Player vs Player Warfare Game

2 Players = Stanley's forces [Stanley + Wanda]
2 Players = Alliance [Ansom + Jillian]
GM Parson = Charlie

Parson planned to set the scene and then have his players try to outthink one another with competing strategies and encounters. Meanwhile, Parson would maintain a modicum of control over the situation as the flexible, amoral mercenary Charlie, who would maintain the balance and aid who he sees fit.

This is perhaps the most intriguing idea for me. It presents a potentially very exciting game for the players where they as teams have to take each other on and seemingly have an almost complete control of the Game, if not for the enigmatic Charlie whose true power and agenda remain unknown. It also presents the idea of Parson finding himself trapped inside the Game as an unwitting Hero having to deal with his GM self.

But yes, rather far-fetched and a bit confusing... this is erfworld.