View Full Version : New Media Player Sought.

2009-03-21, 03:23 AM
Hey all. I've got an old windows laptop which runs just fine but is pretty far down the totem poll of system specs. As far as the CPU is concerned, multiple running programs and/or downloads are not a good idea, it chugs, it slows, even text based pages (I'm looking at you, Tvtropes (www.tvtropes.org)) can take a noticable amount of time. To help alleviate this problem, I have begun to use my Zune to play music (i plug it in to charge and listen to it like normal) instead of my computer, but I'd rather not do this anymore.

So I'm looking for a music player that uses very little memory. I used to use Windows media player but mine has started to bug out every ten minutes. Reinstalling it did not help, surprisingly. Any suggestions?

2009-03-21, 04:11 AM
I would suggest either VLC (for films, but it can do music as well) or foobar (for music).

2009-03-21, 06:26 AM
I second VLC. I use it for everything now. Very efficient and tidy.

The Evil Thing
2009-03-21, 06:34 AM
I suppose there's nothing wrong with VLC but I prefer Media Player Classic immensely: VLC's interface was far too fiddly for my liking. It's extremely lightweight in appearance so doesn't use an awful lot of memory as well.

I use it with the CCCP (though I hear it's optimised for anime I haven't noticed any difference when playing other things) as it includes functionality for just about every format under the sun. You can also get QT and Real alternative and mix those in. Good times.

2009-03-31, 05:09 AM
I third VLC. It plays almost everything, and it's got a simple interface.Oh and Not this this will help you with your situation... but you can set videos to act like your desktop, and that's just awesome!

2009-04-03, 07:56 PM
Since you only want a music player then, foobar2000 (http://foobar2000.org) hands down. You can design your own interface layout, it has all that music library stuff, etc etc. Heck, it's pretty much the best music player period.

2009-04-04, 05:43 AM
EIther VLC or why not try WinAmp 2.x (2.95 recommended)?
It's what I used back in the day with 64 MB RAM and 300 MHz, when mp3 first came around.