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2006-08-30, 09:34 PM
(Inspired by the Eighth Circle: Bolgia 4, of Dante's Inferno (good read))
Hopsoul Template
As with any process is a world riddled with magic, there are the occasional accidents... Perhaps one of the more peculiar are the Hopsouls. These tortured spirits haunt the mortal worlds in search of a body, and when they find one, they take it. The first Hopsouls came from the creation of ghosts centuries ago. Sometimes, the soul wouldn't succumb to the pulls of the underworld nor would it stand for a life of perpetual restlessness. Instead, they decided to fight back. A strong personality and mind can resist the Hopsoul, but the more muscle-bound of the world become easy pickings.
The Hopsoul acquired template may be applied to any Ghost of a corporeal creature. It must have an Intelligence score.

The base creature is changed as such:

Gains Lifesense and Quicken Manifestation (both LM feats).

Loses Malevolence.

An additional +2 turn resistance.

+10' to fly speed.

Exchange (Su): When the Hopsoul uses its Corrupting Touch ability (Ghost template) successfully against any corporeal living creature with a soul, it can make an opposed ability check against each of the victim's mental ability score instead of carrying out the normal effects. If the victim succeeds on two or more, the Hopsoul is staggered for 1d6 rounds and may not make another attempt on that creature for 1d4 days. If the Hopsoul is successful on two or more, it may switch bodies with the victim. The following occurs during this process:
1. Victim gains the Ghost and Hopsoul template.
2. Hopsoul assumes the body of the victim: physical attributes, items, etc. Feats are kept with their respective souls. Bodily effects stay with the victim's body, and any mental effects transfer with the soul.
3. Hopsoul loses Ghost and Hopsoul template.
The resulting Hopsoul, the victim, may not make an attempt to regain its body for 1d4 weeks.
The Hopsoul has the body of the victim, but not the memories and personality of the victim. If attempting to pose as the victim, they must make a DC 15+X Disguise check where X is the victim's highest mental ability modifier minus the intruder's corresponding ability modifier at the time of the switch (to a minimum of 0).


2006-08-30, 09:43 PM
Acting a part means being able to act "properly" stupid, too.
Why not make the DC 15+X, where X is the difference between the ghost and the victim's mental scores?