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2009-03-23, 09:08 PM
Ok so, i was looking thrue some of my old pc games last weak and i found nfs most wanted. i thought cool i havn't played this in a wile, so i booted it up and started playing.
just a few days ago, i descovered that all the bosses i had done (#16-#7) plus the boss i was working on (#6) were registered as defeated. i was like "cool i get to skip a boss" however then i noticed that boss number five wasn't showing up and that i couldn't advance in the game, i was realy dissapointed.
i then check to see if the other acounts on the game were messed up as well and sure enough they were.
after that i rebooted the computer and opened my sisters acount, wich had been previosly messed up, and discovered that it was fine, i then opened my acount and to my dismay the profile was and still is screwed.

please help me, any help is apriciated.

2009-03-28, 07:47 AM
You might get help in the Game: (other} region.