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2009-03-28, 06:09 PM
]Basically, this guy started off as an Elemental who was treated somewhat decently by his True Fae master, and as a result, identified more with the Fae then with humans,

Over a period of time, he gradually warped into what I can only call a Wizened ninja.

You can stop laughing now.

Anyway, here's his backstory:

Muran Masai, Wizened Soldier:

"I never fit in during my time here. Let me get that out of the way first, so you'll know why I keep speaking of my Keeper's domain as 'home'. It is, after all, the first I knew, even as I began to realize that it wasn't my home.

I was, shall we say, an outcast. More than that, I was a pariah-exiled for my social cast of being born to a bunch of white trash. True, I scored high grades and my family was the nicest in the neighborhood, but when it came down to it, I too badly bred to hang out with the popular kids, too smart to hang out with the delinquents, too "dumb" to hang out with the (classist *******) nerds, and too Caucasian to join one of the black gangs in the area (their fault, not mine. Believe me, I tried).

I think that's why Hiruko saw me as his ideal servant-as a cast-out dreg of society, I would easily fit into his undersea kingdom.

And you know what? He was right.

I was walking near the the river one night when a clear, thin shadow appeared in the water. I, curious as to this creature, investigated it. As I did so, the shadow rose out of the river, revealing itself to be a limbless, Shogunate-era Japanese nobleman (I watch a lot of anime). Naturally, I had the crap scared out of me, but then he said to "be not afraid". Although I had every right to panic and run at that point, but something about his voice calmed me, and I asked him who-and what-he was. He explained that he was Hiruko-kami, the first child of the Shinto gods Izanagi and Izanami, cast out into the ocean because of his deformity so that he could live. He had been watching me, he said, as he saw a bit of himself in me-the prodigal son, cared for by his parents but despised by everyone else. He said that he would make me a knight of his vast underwater empire, for he had long since needed help in governing it. In what was both the best and most foolish decision in my life, I accepted. He then tore of a piece of my shadow, fashioned it into a fetch so that my family would not be concerned, and took me underneath the waves.

I supposed here's where you're expecting me to say something about the horrendous abuse I endured at the hands of my Keeper as I discovered that he was not nearly as kind a master as he me tricked into believing. You, however, would be mistaken. True, the work was not nearly as glamorous as "knight" would seem to imply-ninja, despite supposedly being the stealthy arbiters of Bushido in television, are really more of civilized burglars in a samurai clan-but I was happy at home. I was treated relatively well by Hiruko, who seems to understand on an at least academic level that beings other than him have emotions and feelings of their own, and that you get more flies with honey. I was allowed to keep my memories of Earth, however muddled they were, and that allowed me to keep my personality. Even so, I was constantly besieged with constant reminders that home, however I may like it, was an alien realm. I think it was the six-foot-tall bug with diamonds for eyes and scythes for hands that did it for me-this place, while certainly I was happy there, could never allow me to fit in-it was simply too strange.

So I asked Hiruko if I could go back to my native world, and he, much to my own surprise, said yes-but I would have to find my way back myself. The journey back was long and treacherous, and I don't quite remember all of it-despite my relatively savant powers over Wyrd (author's note: I gave him two extra points of the stuff at character creation), I still don't have enough to perfectly recall my journey in Arcadia and immediately thereafter, though I know it involved briarwolves. Lots of briarwolves.

Eventually I found a portal in the Hedge, and I returned to Earth at long last-right in the middle of a bunch of supernatural hunters called the Ascending Ones, who obviously thought I was some sort of demon-I don't blame them, even my Mask looked like an onryo at that point-and bound me up in holy chains. Thankfully, they were willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, and after I cleared up some of the confusion-namely, by showing them the Hedge-they let me go, and have actually kept up contact with me (authors note: Ally merit). So...here I am, having joined the Autumn Court in order to understand my home better, as well as protect my kin from the less kind Keepers.

And before you accuse me of being a Loyalist-really, would I wear my loyalties on my sleeve?"

So, what do you think of him?

And before you tell me to make him a member of the Directional Courts, I only have the core book as of yet, so I had to pick a Seasonal one. Besides, he's American, so I thought it would make more sense.

2009-03-28, 10:58 PM
1) I'd have some other motive for the Gentry master for letting him go. I don't know, maybe he's being tracked to lead him to more changelings. While it's not impossible that one of the Gentry to act altruistically, it's incredibly unusual for one to let one of their slaves go. It also fits better for a venue like Changeling.

2) Same thing with the ascending ones. While they are one of the less-evil of the conspiracies (compared to let's say the Cheiron Group and Ashwood Abby), they should have ulterior motives for allying with a monster even if they're not going to completely stab him in the back.

3) In terms of the seeming, I don't see why he'd be Wizened over Darkling (stealthy), Fairest(nobility), or Elemental(water). Does he preform some specific task? If so, what's his kith.

3) Autumn Court definitely fits.

2009-03-29, 06:28 AM
I second the idea that his Master has some complex plan that will involve screwing him over. It's half the fun. :smallbiggrin: