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2009-03-29, 03:39 AM
During a recent game of my group, my fairly high leveled troll monk got blasted with a baneful polymorph spell and got turned into a monkey. so i went from a level 5 troll monk to a level 16 monkey monk in one spell.

My DM has given me the option to get the feats for the new levels that i have aquired which gives me 4 new feats.

My question to you is... what feats should I take?

2009-03-29, 04:00 AM
Improved Natural Attack (applied to your unarmed strikes) is generally a fair bet. Other than that, what are you attempting to be good at? Grapple is gone as far as an option, you'll never make back the size difference between troll and monkey, and most monsters will hug you back anyways.

What books are you allowed to take feats from? There are a lot of good feats with rather obscure sources, and it does you no good for us to suggest things you can't access.

Just, as a last point, if you can survive to that point as a troll monk... you'll be fine. Optimization is obviously not necessary.

2009-03-29, 04:00 AM
Your strength score becomes pathetic, so you're gonna need to find some way of getting some other sort of damage.

Martial Study - Martial Stance (Assassin's Stance) gives 2d6 sneak attack, which would help.

Are you required to put all the levels in monk? 6 levels in cleric for the DMM persist divine power! :P

2009-03-29, 04:01 AM
"If the subject remains in the new form for 24 consecutive hours, it must attempt a Will save. If this save fails, it loses its ability to understand language, as well as all other memories of its previous form, and its Hit Dice and hit points change to match an average creature of its new form. These abilities and statistics return to normal if the effect is later ended."

Since remaining in said state is hazardous to your health, I would suggest getting someone to get rid of it and not bothering drawing up a new character sheet. :smalltongue: If you're a level 16 party, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Dispel Magic would do nicely since BP is not an "instantaneous" spell, though Break Enchantment etc. would also work.

2009-03-29, 04:31 AM

I think we're looking at massive levels of DM fiat in an unoptimized game where transforming a character who is a monk, into a monkey, was too funny not to do.

In other words, I think the operative assumption should be that he's just gonna have to deal with it.

2009-03-29, 01:56 PM
grappling isnt really what im worried about... its problem of hitting anything

i hav the option of feats from any and all books

yes i have to put all levels in monk

and this is more of a what else can happen that will be awesome then a trying to dispel it for the sake of remembering my past life

2009-03-29, 02:03 PM
Oh and can you guys please put the source book where i can find the feats?

Human Paragon 3
2009-03-29, 02:33 PM
Why don't you check out Tattoed Monk from Complete Warrior. It's a prestige class that you probably already qualify for, and can start taking as soon as you hit your next level. It provides a bunch of fun tattoos that give you new combat options and boost your skills including the Monkey Tattoo. It advances your monk abilities, too.

For feats, Leap of the Heavens (phbII) might be fun if you want to jump around. And if you're small, there are some tactical feats in complete warrior, Giant Bane, I think. Confound the Big Folk http://d20.writh.net/wiki/Confound_the_big_folk from races of the wild could be good, along with underfoot combat if you fight a lot of bigger enemies.

Oh, and in terms of hitting and damaging things. Weapon Finesse is clearly in order. You should ask your DM to give to you for free since monkeys in the MM already start with it.

Then, take a level of swordsage or something from Tome of Battle and get the manuever that lets you sub a concentration check for a damage roll. With that, your puny d3-6 or whatever the heck the damage is for a monkey scratch is replaced with your concentration check. Concentration is a class skill for you, so if you have, say 10 ranks in it and a +2 con modifier, you can use it to deal d20+12 damage regardless of your size or strength. Skill focus: concentration gives you another 3 damage.

2009-03-29, 02:36 PM
and this is more of a what else can happen that will be awesome then a trying to dispel it for the sake of remembering my past life

Well the problem is if the DM enforces that....and you fail the will save, you lose memories and language capabilities...you're basically just a regular monkey (but super-powered!). That would pose all kinds of problems. :smalltongue: If he doesn't...then all's well and have fun =D.

2009-03-30, 12:56 AM
thanks guys, for the feats i went with

improved unarmed strike
underfoot combat
confound the big folk
and weapon finesse

2009-03-30, 10:54 AM
Good Monk options:

Freezing the Lifeblood: Burn Stun use to paralyze enemy for 1d4+1 rounds.

Weakening Touch: Burn a Stun use to impose a -6 Str penalty. No Save. Great for boss battles, especially when combined with Wounding weapons.

Pharaoh's Fist: When you use Stunning Fist, enemies adjacent to the target are also effected.

Snap Kick: Extra unarmed attack whenever you attack.

Sand Dancer: Whenever you move at least 10 feet, Tumble, and successfully attack an enemy while moving on loose dirt/sand/etc, that enemy must Save or be Blinded for 1 round. There are a ton of ways (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103358) to get free movement and/or Pounce. You can also cheaply purchase a bottle of endless sand, turn it on, and tie it to your belt to cover the loose sand requirement.

Scorpion's Grapple: Free Grapple check whenever you hit enemy. This essentially doubles the damage of your first hit (since you deal damage when you hit, and again when you successfully Grapple). Also, you can make a Grapple check per turn for each attack that you get. (This was always true, and it's clarified explicitly in the Rules Compendium). Grapple checks are much easier then attack rolls.

Feat index (www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/lists/feats)