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2006-08-28, 01:25 AM
"Followers don't earn experience." (DMG p 105)

That rule, while simple and functional, doesn't sit right with me. Here, I'll try to fix it.

Followers earn full EXP for any action where their leader is absent, as are any other equals to the leader (other PCs). Cohorts may be present for this, as may hirelings.

When their leader is present, Followers earn an amount of EXP equal to what their leader earns, divided among all followers present.

When a follower gains a level, he or she will stay on for a short (DM-determined) length of time, typically until the end of an adventure, or one adventure later. If the leader gains an empty "slot" at the follower's new level, the follower stays, counting as a follower of the new level. If not, the follower leaves.

If the leader runs an orgnization of some kind (mercenary company, cult, temple, guild, etc.), followers who are also members are always loyal to their leader. Those who are not may be loyal, or they may plot and scheme to take over for themselves, or may quit, sell organization secrets, or commit any number of other betrayals.

Followers who are lost as followers due to level gain usually (how often depends on the nature of the organization) stay in the organization, but their loyalty is no longer assured. The leader has no way of telling which new recruits are new followers and which are simply new recruits. Likewise, when a group of followers gain a level, there is no way to tell which remain followers and which are merely organization members.

2006-08-28, 04:44 PM
Okay, two points. The first is, where does the EXP for the followers come from? Do they just earn the same amount as their leader (EXP where there previously was none?), or do they split the EXP with their leader? Neither of those options quite sits right with me, the first because you're getting something for nothing, and the second because the leader shouldn't be so "held back" by his followers. Perhaps there should be a ratio; the leader gives up a certain amount of experience, and the followers get a multiple of that amount. 1:4 seems like a good number, depending on how much experience you want the leader to give up.

The second point involves your wording. You said that followers earn EXP two different ways depending on whether their leader is present. This is all fine and good, but "present" is too vague a term. You should probably give a distance, or find some other way to define it that isn't open to misinterpretation.

2006-08-28, 06:55 PM
It is EXP from nothing. Cohorts already get it; followers can too.

The leader is present for EXP gain if s/he gets a share.