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2006-08-27, 01:15 PM
My friend came up with this. *It needs help so tell us what stays, what goes, what needs improvements, if we did something wrong, just anything and everything.

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The Stalker

Large Ooze
Hit dice- 8d10 + 56 (101)
Initiative- -3
Speed- 20
Ac- 6 (-3 Dex, -1 Size)
Base Attack/Grapple- +6/+8
Attack- Infinite weapons +3 melee ([varies] 1d4 Acid, Paralysis, Engulf)
Full Attack- Infinite weapons +3 melee ([varies] 1d4 Acid, Paralysis, Engulf)
Space/Reach- 10ft/10ft
Special Attacks- Acid, Engulf, Entangling goo, Infinite weapons, Paralysis
Special Qualities- Avoid, Blindsight, Mitosis, Morph, Regenerate 5, Transparent, Ooze traits
Save- Fort +9, Ref +1, Will +5
Abilities- Str +6 Dex +4, Con +24, Int +18, Wis +16, Cha +8
Skills- Bluff +8, Hide +7, Listen +12, Move silently +7, Search +13, Spot +12, Survival +13
Environment- Any
Organization- Solitary
Challenge Rating- 13
Treasure- None
Alignment- Always neutral

This particular creature does not look like the normal ooze, its upper body is that of a humanoid and its lower body is but a puddle of ooze. Its head, torso, and arms are that of a humanoid. It is extremely smart and knows its surroundings, so that it can stalk its prey unnoticed. It takes on the appearance of its favorite and most challenging prey, humanoids, however it does not have any internal organs or vitals, so it you were cut off its arm it would just form a new one from its mass.

Special Attacks:
Infinite Weapons- Can change its Arms into any weapon, it is proficient with any weapon it makes in this way, but not with regular weapons of the same type. It cannot make magically weapons and it can't make ranged weapons.

Engulf- Successful hit on victim allows it to suck in its victim, but victim gets an attack of opportunity, unless it is paralyzed. An engulfed creature takes 6d4 acid damage for each round spent inside the stalker. A successful escape artist check (DC 16) frees an engulfed creature, however a paralyzed creature may not attempt to escape.

Entangling goo- Its able throw part of itself at its victim and excess ooz acts as a tangle foot bag. *If it doesn't pick up the ooz then it has regenerate the damage. the damage it takes from this is 5. it has a range of 25ft.

Acid- Every attack does acid damage of 1d4

Paralysis- The Stalker secretes an anethetizing slime. *A target hit by it must succede a fortitude save (Dc??) or be paralyzed for ??d6 rounds rounds, it can automatically engulf a paralyzed victim.

Special Qualities:
Avoid- It has the ability to "dodge" projectiles, by creating a hole in its body where the projectile was suppose to hit, to do this it makes a Ref save.

Blindsight- The Stalkers entire body is a primitive sensory organ that can ascertain prey by scent, vibration, and sound with in 60ft.

Mitosis- It splits itself in two and loses 2/3 its hp and then goes into hybernation untill it has regenerated its hp. It can do this once in its life time. *This is how it reproduces.

Morph- Can change shape and color at will giving it a bonuse of +3 to hide and bluff.

Regenerate- can heal 5 hp per round. The cell tissue is very sensitive to fire. If it with anyform of fire the areas that make contact with the fire harden and are unable move and seal back together, it is permenately damaged.

Transparent- The stalker is hard to see, even under ideal conditions, and it takes a successful spot check (Dc??) to notice a Stalker. *Victims who fail to notice a stalker and walk into it are automatically engulfed. It has full control of this ablility and can turn it off and assume other colors.

Ooze traits- The stalker is immune to mind affecting effects, poison, sleep, paralyssis, stunning and polymorphing. It is not subject to critical hits or flanking.

You'll notice that some of the stuff doesn't have anything written in like for the Dcs and the rounds. *Thats one of the things we want you to help with.

2006-08-27, 01:18 PM
What attack types are going to get past its regeneration.

Fualkner Asiniti
2006-08-27, 01:25 PM
Infinite Weapons: Are they proficient with it? Can they make ranged weapons? ???

Engulf: Needs more detail. How do they escape? what damage to they take? ???

Entangling Ooze: How much damage does it do to itself? How far can it throw? ???

This is rather bland, unfortunetly. It doesn't bring anything new to the ooze group. It just seems to throw a bunch of random powers together. Try making more monsters with powers that go together. Study monsters that The Vorpal Tribble and The Demented One make. They are masters.

Good luck with your next monsters. ;)

2006-08-27, 02:58 PM
alot of that is yet to be decided, didn't know what it should be and wanted to know other peoples' suggetions
Just made some modifications tell what you think.

2006-08-27, 08:41 PM
I have to agree with Faulkner. First off, try to learn the actual terms for what you're doing; second specify exactly what they mean for us sourcebook defecient; and third look at what The_Demented_One, Vorpal Tribble Fax Celestis make on a regular basis, it's all over the home brow section and the 'In the Playground' compendiums. They're frickin' geniuses and can definitely aid in making a pure homebrew or any variation.

Listen, I'm not trying to shoot down your ideas or anything of the sort, but there is a sever lack of originality and concreteness here. Examples help, check it out.