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I'm trying to create a d20 version of The belgariad quintet/ the mallorean quintet. please take in mind that it is still hugely a work in progress and that this is my first ever homebrew of anything let alone a d20(I know I'm aiming a little too big).
I have also not read the prequels Belgarath the sorcerer or Polgara the sorceress, or the Rivan codex as of yet.

do not read this if you are currently reading or wish to read these books, as this thread contains spoilers and I do not know how to use spoiler blocks.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the Belgariad, it is a quintet of books by David Eddings, a fantasy author as renowned as Tolkien. It revolves around a boy Garion on a quest to slay the evil god Torak. Garion then finds out that he is a sorcerer and the heir to the throne of Riva.

Eddings later decided the story wasn't finished and published a sequel series of five books known as the mallorean. These focus on Garion, now the king of Riva and overlord of the western peoples, searching for his son Geran who has been stolen by a villain to use in an evil ritual.

Even then Eddings hadn't stopped and released two prequels, Belgarath the sorcerer and Polgara the sorceress, and a book of appendices called the Rivan codex.


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one of the key concepts of the Belgariad/Mallorean is that each god has their own people, which are usually named after their patron. there were originally seven gods: Belar, Chaladan, Mara, Issa, Nedra, Torak and Aldur, + Ul the father of the gods.
Each god chose his own people, Belar chose the Alorns, Chaladan to the Arends, Mara to the Marags, Issa to the Nyissans, Nedra to the Tolnedrans and Torak to the Angaraks. Aldur, being the eldest and wisest of the gods, chose no people.

Now, because Aldur chose no people, there were godless humans remaining. And they fractured into several groups. The Morindim fled to the north and began the worship of demons, as did their eastern cousins the Kharands; The Dalasians/Dals fled eastwards and looked to the stars for worship; The Melcenes to went eastwards, but they found no god and remained godless. Then, another faction went to the west and there, a man named Gorim came across Ul in the mountains. Gorim pleaded with Ul that they could worship him, and Ul eventually relented. Dubbing themselves the Ulgos, they fled underground and became oblivious to the affairs of men.

Meanwhile, a mischievous youth known as Garath was cast out from his village. Wandering ceaselessly he came across the spirit of Aldur.
Dubbing him Belgarath, Aldur taught him the secrets of the Will and the Word, or sorcery as mundanes liked to call it. Aldur began to call others to his banner, and thus the ugly foul-mouthed Beldin, the twins Beltira and Belkira, and the traitorous Belzedar, learnt the secrets of sorcery.
And Aldur was content, he poured the majority of his mystical power into a large stone, which became known as the Orb of Aldur.

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Reserved for races of the Belgariad
__________________________________________________ _______________

In the Belgariad, there are no elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and the like. Instead there are lots of subspecies of humans and a few other sentient humanoid races on the side.

All Alorns have an immense hatred of Angaraks, Algars and Rivans especially so, they may even attempt to kill them on sight.

Rivans When Aloria was fractured after the reclamation of the orb of Aldur from Torak, Riva Iron-grip, the new bearer of the orb, retreated to the Isle of winds where he and his people lived only to defend the orb.
Rivans are a conservative and distrustful race. They all uniformly dress in gray clothing, and their houses are all built to be militarily efficient and defensive. But no matter how drab they seem on the outside, they are one of the most beautiful peoples on the inside. They hold some of the best craftsmen, musicians, poets and artists in the known world.
The rivan's favoured classes are fighters and guardians.
Rivans are based around the British.

Chereks When Aloria was fractured, Cherek bear-shoulders, the old king of Aloria, took the centre of his kingdom and dubbed the land Cherek. Chereks are hot-headed and always eager for a fight. They have little time for the subtleties of politics and would much rather bash stuff.
Chereks are famed for their shipbuilding all over the world.
The Chereks favoured classes are pirates and barbarians.
Chereks are based around the Norsemen/Vikings.

Algars When Aloria was fractured, Algar fleet-foot took his people to the vast plains. Dubbing them Algaria, Algar claimed them for his own. Algars are a nomadic race, their only permanent settlement is known simply as the stronghold and is there more as bait for Angaraks than as a city.
Algar cavalry is deadly, there charging horses are usually the last thing you'll ever see, unless you're on their side that is.
Algar's favoured classes are horse lords and rangers.
Algars are based around the Native Americans.

Drasnians When Aloria was fractured, Dras Bull-neck took the boggy marshland and overgrown forests for his territory. Drasnians are sly as a prerequisite. They delight in the intrigue of politics, organized crime and commerce. They have the largest intelligence force in the known world, and you will be hard pressed to find a Drasnian who is not a spy. Their military is a force to be reckoned with and their pikes form impenetrable walls.
Drasnian's are based mainly on west Russia and renaissance italy.
Drasnian's favoured classes are agents and nobles.

Arendia is split by war, and it is based largely around the British isles. Arends are not exactly famed for their intelligence.

Mimbrates Mimbrates are the ruling aristocracy of Arendia. They speak in an archaic way, with "thees, thous" and "foreasmuches". Nevertheless, the mimbrate knights are a fearsome force of heavy cavalry, and one to be feared on the battlefield.
Mimbrates are based around the 12th century English.
Mimbrate's favoured classes are knight and paladin.

Asturians Asturians are the commoners, the serfs of Arendia. Although Mimbrates and Asturians are supposed to be equal, symbolised by the wedding of the Mimbrate king Korodullin and the Asturian queen Mayaserana, yet the Mimbrates are still on top. Nevertheless, despite an inability to get complex weapons, Asturians are masters of bow and crossbow.
Asturians are based on the welsh.
Asturian's favoured classes are ranger and archer.

Wacites Little is known about the Wacites except from the fact that they embodied the perfect fairy tale. The wacites were driven to extinction during the Arendish civil war. But if a DM is hosting a campaign in that period, they may create a template.

Sendars Modern day Sendaria is in the duchy of Erat, where Vo Wacite once stood. Sendars are a hard working amalglam race of Arends and Alorns. They worship no specific god except their own labour. Sendars are a practical race, living up to their motto that if you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right.
Sendaria is not based on any specific historical civilisation.
Sendars favoured classes are expert, and another one which they may choose(similar to the classic human any favoured class).

Nyissans Nyissans are the people of Issa, the snake god. They live in nasty swamps and almost all of them shave their head for many of the insects and parasites which dwell in Nyissa, love to nest in hair. Nyissans strive to be the embodiment of the snake, and their caste of venomancers can even transform themselves into snakes and take possession of specially made clay golems. Nyissans are also the only non-Angarak race to practice slavery.
Nyissans are based upon ancient Egypt.
Nyissans favoured classes are the agent and the venomancer.

More later

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reserved for base classes of the Belgariad

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Reserved for the prestige classes of the Belgariad

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reserved for religion of the Belgariad

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reserved for new magic systems, spells and feats of the Belgariad

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Reserved for political state of the Belgariad

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Reserved for the geography of the Belgariad

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Reserved for famous characters in the Belgariad

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May wanna get rid of that "What Kind of Fey Are You?" thing. It really detracts from your posts here.

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I am excited to see this.

I had read the Belgariad and the Mallorean all at once back in October and have just finished up Belgarath and Polgara this month. I have been wondering if there was any published or homebrew for this setting.