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2006-08-25, 11:00 PM
I'm thinking of adding this to the Frenzied Beserker class, as least in games I run.

At level 4.

In addition to Deathless Frenzy, a Frenzied Beserker will gain.

Death Frenzy (EX).

When all seems lost, when the color of life fades from the Frenzied Beserkers eye, a Frenzied Beserker can go into the Final Frenzy, or the 'Death Frenzy'. *A death frenzy lasts as long as a normal frenzy would, then for as long as the body can support it. *Each round after a normal frenzy would have ended, the Frenzied Beserker permanently loses 1 point of constitution. *No force shy of divine intervention can reverse this consitution loss. *This frenzy can only be ended by making a will save DC: 40+the number of turns elapsed in this frenzy. *Making the save only ends the frenzy, it does not restore lost consitution. *While in this Death Frenzy, the Frenzied Beserker gains an additional +6 to Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity. *This bonus stacks with all other bonuses.

At the end of a Death Frenzy, the Frenzied Beserker dies. *No save.

Collary. *The willsave to escape the Death Frenzy can only be made when the Frenzied Beserker sees a reason to continue living. *It must be a viable reason like seeing a lover/child thought dead, or a tribe thought scattered brought back together.

2006-08-25, 11:46 PM
The main problem I see with that is the fact that isn't the beserker already not caring about death? I mean being able to not even be affected by damage even after -10 hp :o. On the other note, how is this ability activated? Is it whenever the character says so or does it activate when deathless frenzy activates. Finally, the permanent contitution lose is too much in my opinion because on the sheer fact that you might eventually get raised which will be another point of permanent constitution damage. Well theres my two cents.

2006-08-26, 01:12 AM
It would seem to fit into a campaign where death... well, means a lot more than it does in a typical DnD campaign :P

I'd say reduce the will save. The rules about ending it are strict enough to merit a lower save (considering the chances of something that specific happening are prettymuch "if the DM planned it that way").

2006-08-26, 08:16 AM
The point is you're not COMING back from it. Once you go into it, you don't plan to be raised. At all. Even if you're stopped in the middle of it, the Con damage represents the massive toll it takes on your body.

Basically you use this, you're dying, or at best, badly drained and unlikely to see combat again.

Willsave you have a point with though....i'm not sure of a good number for it...

2006-08-26, 08:22 AM
Still didn't answer my question though ;D How does the player activate it?

2006-08-27, 02:24 AM
I love the idea, but unfortunately, I just saw a hole in it:
The bard casts an illusion of the *thought* wife/chile/etc, berserker activates some moment of precience style item to make will save. Of course, this would require the party to mess with his mind, and kills the whole idea.
I think this would be more of a house rule, to go in a campaign where death means a lot, and the heroes all have something to die for. Following that, you could then make one for the main ability of other classes. I could see a sorcerer going into a con fueled rage, gaining infinite spell slots until he dies, or a druid turning into the most massive beast in history to end the conflict.
Generally, these things can only work in a specifically set up situation, otherwise they will inevitably be powergamed off of.
But, I still totally support the heroic rage/death theme.

2006-08-27, 01:01 PM
Player activates it by Frenzying.

And yes, it is mostly focused around the idea that you have something worth dying for.

To avoid munchkinry with it.

Once used, the character is considered unwilling to return and can't be raised, ressurected, or reincarnated.

The willsave can only be made once/seeing of the thing that he frenzied for restored.

I'm still not sure on the DC. *40 may be too much, but lower seems abusable. *I wanted it neigh impossible to beat. *That if you manage to break out of it, it's a big deal.