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2009-04-04, 10:52 AM
This new series deserves a thread all on it's own.

Having just watched the series streamed, and going to watch the Raw when it is up, I can only say I almost frigging passed out from the Sheer Awesome.

Everything was well done, the fighting, the characters, the Mecha, THE BIG BANG PUNCH! THE BREAST FIRE!

I recommend the subs when avaliable.

Will post more when I can think straight enough to not post in all caps.

2009-04-04, 12:43 PM
Is it more over the top than TTGL?

2009-04-04, 01:09 PM
Is it more over the top than TTGL?
If it is, I really have to see it. Altough, to be fair, I wouldn't even know what the heck Mazinger is if it weren't for Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.

About Shin Mazinger...a quick Wikipedia search led me to a series named Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen. Is this the same one? The airing date seems to be April 4th. So there's only one episode out?

It looks cool, so I guess I'll be downloading acquiring it when I can find it.

2009-04-04, 06:00 PM
yes the series full name is Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen.

How awesome is this show?

It was made by the same guy who made Giant Robo and G gundam, We get to see Boss do an ICBM toss, and Kouji can transform the Mazinger Z into a giant Rocket Punch called Big Bang Punch.

Also Zeus shows up, and he kicks ass

2009-04-06, 12:20 PM
Gave the first episode a watch and definetly enjoyed it.

I have to admit that most of the time I had no idea who was who and what the hell they were doing, but the action was awesome.
The first episode was promising, so I'm excited to wait and see how the story unfolds. And to see things actually starting to make sense, plot-wise.