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2006-08-26, 06:55 PM
Not entirely sure that this is the right place for this but i was wondering if people could give this a read and give comments.

I've been a DM/GM for about seven years and im just now trying to write my world down, because its all in my head right now. Its tentitively called Regnum.

This is my Primer so Far...

A Primer on Regnum


Many ages have come and gone since this world was born out of the darkness, and at the end of the last age a divine cataclysm came to pass. The avatars of two powerful deities met in martial combat and each was slain by the other in the same instant.
That celestial enigma inspired the plates of the world to shift, not the work of ages like the creation of the world but the work of moments, those who survived the cataclysm looked to the prolific heroes of that age for guidance and so the new world was born.
The last living member of the Bael-Arnor monarchy divided the world, to each of the great heroes who had served him in the last great war of the second age he granted a kingdom, those survivors of the cataclysm were free to choose who to follow and where to make their homes.

On the Eleven Nations of Note

The Buccaneer States
The Buccaneer States were founded by a swashbuckler named Kayla Icebreath who had served alongside the young Prince Bael-Arnor during the last incursion, she took with her those people for the most part who had come from nautical backgrounds and carved for herself a kingdom from archipelago to the south west of the main continent. Ranging from tropical jungles to island paradises the Buccaneer States are a beauty to behold, but they have inherent dangers, poisonous reptiles, tribal natives and wicked storms count among the states more moderate threats. The Bucanan, the people of the Buccaneer states are an active people, they’re culture places much important on music and celebration and they are known to be canny in all things concerning the acquiring and keeping of wealth. Slight and dark of hair and eye the Bucanan have a coppery tone to their skin.

The Falconian Protectorates
The Falconian Protectorates is the name of a collection of kingdoms that are governed in part by a council of druids called the Timeless Ones, lead by the Arch-Druid Hadrian Ironsoul. While each government within the Protectorates has its own ruler and government all of them heed to the ruling of the Timeless Ones.
Hillken is situated in the northern most end of the region known as the Falconian Protectorates it was founded by the daughter of the hero Woodfalcon Bowmaster within her father’s domain. Hillken is by definition a kingdom of traders, the spirit of those early frontiersmen who journeyed to the cold expanse of Hillken to seek there fortunes lives on in their descendants. The Hillkenese, the people of Hillken are hardworking and industrious people, their fervor at work being rivaled only by the dwarves. The Hillkenese are a stout people, pale of skin with light colored eyes and hair. The present monarch of Hillken is King Ulrik II.

Shayndel is the central kingdom of the Falconian Protectorates, founded by Woodfalcon Bowmaster himself. Shayndel is a divine mystery it is an ancient forest that appeared overnight. This is attributed to the time of turbulence during the cataclysm. Shayndel is a nation of trackers, hunter and druids. Most city dwelling folk find the eternal forest unsettling and leave before spending too much time. The Shanyee the natives of Shayndel are as lithe and graceful as hunting cats, they have dark hair and bright eyes. The present monarch of Shayndel is Queen Gwyneth.

Duman, “The Kingdom of Plains” is the southern most kingdom of the Falconian Protectorates, founded by the son of Woodfalcon Bowmaster. The first Khan of the nomadic tribes he led them to the fertile plains of Duman where they settled and build their first cities. The fastest horses on Regnum are bred and trained in Duman. The Dumani, the people of Duman are short by human standards averaging five feet, they have light colored hair and eyes and dark brown to black skin. The present Khan of Duman is Zeki Plainsrunner.

Lye-Eska is the kingdom of the Fey, a gift to them from Woodfalcon Bowmaster for their services during the last Great War. The home of the world renowned Bard Hall as well as the retiring place of some of the ages most powerful spell weavers Lye-Eska is a place of Magic. The present Councilor of Lye-Eska is Aran-Seorsa.

Haederon is the largest kingdom on the continent of Fenrose founded by Adrian Fellhammer after the last incursion was put down. Haederon is a kingdom of productivity the kingdom is split into twelve provinces each with its own lord and vassals, exports and income. The Haedonese the people of Haederon are for the most part, between five and a half and six feet in height covering all hair and eye colorings with pale skin. The present monarch of Haederon is King Kalen Fellhammer.

Latros, “The Frozen Isle” is the northern most kingdom in Regnum, founded in memory of the “Barbarian” “Warlord” Latros who fell fighting at the head of his army in the last incursion. The Latrosians are a byproduct of their kingdom they are huge and daunting to those not of their shore. The Latrosians of the cities are most often six feet to six and a half feet tall while the Tribesfolk stand roughly between six and a half and seven and a half feet in height for the and are of light coloring.

Memnar, on the Memari Peninsula is a barren and frozen landscape the kingdom there was founded by Memnarch Moonhunter the last Arch-Mage of the second age. Without the magic of Memnarch the founders of Memnar would never have survived the inhospitable climate, but the Arch-Mage’s magic cities make the magocracy more than viable. The Memnari, the people of Memnar are slight and pale with dark hair and light eyes.

Stevum, founded by Steven LeRue the most unconventional hero of the last age, is for the most part a den of corruption, ranging from a swamp to a jungle in different regions, it is home to more than half of Regnum’s venomous reptiles and insects. Stevum is widely regarded as a place to run away and get lost in, it is the home of many outlaws and half-breeds. The Stevanites are small compared to some of the other human nations standing roughly five feet in height and have a caramel complexion combined with dark hair and dark eyes.

The Torminian Empire
The Torminian Empire was founded by an aristocrat named Torm Silvertongue who along with a group of heroes known as “The Hand of the King” overthrow the corrupt government of what was then called The Out Island Kingdom.
Torm Silvertongue then led the twenty nine legions of the empire to the aid of the Bael Arnor monarchy during the incursion. The Torminian Empire is home to the Torminian War College the most refined center of martial learning on Regnum.
The Torminians are an efficient people; their industry belies the small size of their nation, they are usually between five and five and a half feet tall and of a stocky build, their hair and eyes are usually dark.

The founding of Votar is a story worth telling;
In the second age there was a landmass to the east, held back only by the legions of the out island kingdom, this was a place filled with monsters. But as it became known not all of these “Monsters” were monstrous. Under the leadership of a particularly brilliant half-orc named Ulgar Windrunner those who had no wish to live the savage lives of their kin, began an exodus. They left by sea and sailed to the mainland. A scant few weeks before the storm of the last incursion broke Ulgar ran across the Hand of the King while he was scouting his people’s path and was able to convince them of his intentions. He pledged his peoples fighting spirit to the coming fight in exchange for a homeland when all was said and done.
When the fighting was done Ulgar got his homeland, Votar, meaning home in Orcish the peoples of Votar are for the most part Orcs, Half-Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds and the Tauren.