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Name: Hiceana


I primarily wanted to try and break the normal stereotypes for my campaign, and to use the more underused races that were out there.

This is just what I have typed up so far. There is more to come, once I have typed it up from my journel I have wrote it all down in. Hopefully I'll have the details of the Gods in the pantheon typed up next.

So here is the information on the races and their locations.

Aventi Society:
Social Type: Agriculturalists, Explorers, Isolationists.
Primary Trade Items: Ships, Recovered Sunken Objects, sea goods, food.
Pantheon: The Rusalka, Vodonoi & Leshii.
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Raptoran.
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Catharian, Neanderthal, Whisper Gnome.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Aventi Continent:
Zorica (Zoor-e-ka)
Aventi Country:
Zorica (Zoor-e-ka)
Aventi Cities:
Blackwash Bay (capital)
Fallbrook Pond

The Aventi are primarily farmers, they use the rich resources of the seabed to grow various types of aquatic food stuffs, this they use as one of their primary trade goods. Their farming methods mean that the crops the Aventi grow have a yield of up to 200% more yield than other farmers. The Aventi have an affinity with the Raptoran’s, they see their ease of movement through the air, in a similar way to their own movement through water, a mode of transport that they master more than anyone else, making them somewhat equals. As for the other races, the Aventi see them as children, who are only to be conversed with to trade or in the direst of times. The capital of the Aventi nation is located on land, but their largest city is in fact deep below the sea of claws, Aldwater has the greatest concentration of Aventi in Hiceana. Lately, the Aventi have taken up the ship building business, their knowledge of the oceans, allows them to create the worlds best sea charts and to make the most efficient ships that they sell on to other races.

Bhuka Society:
Social Type: Nomadic, Hunter / Gatherers, Survivalists.
Primary Trade Items: Meats, Desert Fruit and Minerals.
Pantheon: The Oni & Kami
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Dream Dwarf
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Kobold, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome, Spellscale, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Bhuka Continent:
Fojura (Foe-yu-rae)
Bhuka Country:
Fojura (Foe-yu-rae)
Bhuka Cities:
Rokonoi Oasis (capital)
Ohesa (O-hes-ae)
Fowea (Fow-yee)

The Bhuka are the caretakers of the Deserts. They are a nomadic race that lives off of the desert and its animal life. Occasionally they will find mineral deposits and these are often used to create weapons and tools, or are traded to other civilizations for goods or currency, though currency tends not to be their highest priority. Due to their lives being centred on living off of the land through balance, the Bhuka get on very well with the Dream Dwarves, who see them are spiritual brothers. They have only three cities, which are used as trade centres, where the different tribes will meet, to trade information, trade goods and attend the summoning of the tribes (a meeting of the tribes to discuss a unilateral action, often choosing whether or not to go to war.). Ohesa is in the north, and Fowea is in the south of Fojura (Foe-yu-rae) continent.

Dream Dwarf Society:
Social Type: Agriculturalists, Druidic, Pacifists.
Primary Trade Items: Food (Meat and Vegetables), Vegetation (useful herbs), Medicine, Nature Goods.
Pantheon: The Creationists.
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Bhuka
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Kobold, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome, Spellscale, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Dream Dwarf Continent:
Herzens der Welt
Dream Dwarf Country:
Herz des Masse
Dream Dwarf Cities:
Waldweg (capital)
Wildeiron Marsh

The Dream Dwarves are a nature adoring race. They live in the valleys and hills around Hiceana. As they revere nature, they are friendly with the Bhuka (Desert Goblin race), and have a neutral relationship with the Kobolds, who work in the depths of the world. The Dream Dwarves are known for their protection of nature, herbalist and medicinal expertise. They are not as stoic and reserved as their standard D&D Dwarves, these Dwarves share an empathy with the world, and are able to communicate with it, to gain knowledge of the happenings around them.

Human Societies:
Catharian Descendant Society:
Social Type: Magocracy, Defensive.
Primary Trade Items: Magic Items and Schooling.
Pantheon: Magus, Ophelia, Chernobog
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Spellscales
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: Elan
Catharian Continent:
Veldt (Vel-dat)
Catharian Country:
Antila (An-tee-la)
Catharian Cities:
Westston Point (capital)
Misthill Cliff
Fairlyn Crossing

Elan Society:
Social Type: Militarist, Defensive, Republic.
Primary Trade Items: Sanctuary (safe housing for all), Knowledge.
Pantheon: Valdis, Ophelia, Chernobog
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Whisper Gnome
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Spellscale.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: Catharian
Elan Continent:
Veldt (Vel-dat)
Elan Country:
Narishee (Nar-e-she)
Elan Cities:
Esterhurst (capital)
Fallmere Forest

The only races that are openly hostile are the two human descendants. This is because of the schism in the old human society. One part thought that magic was the way forward and from them, came the Catharian. Some of the society didn't quite agree with this, fearing that the external force of magic corrupted and changed them; they refused to take the binding ceremony. These dissidents, instead worked on discovering the power that came from inside, rather than manipulating the power around them. From these people, the Elan was born, the practice of psionics was forbidden by the Holy texts of the Cathar, and so they actively hunted down any of the practicing Elan. Now the Elan are said to steal the young from the Catharian society and recruits their own youths. For centuries the two halves have fought an un-open war, trying to deny each other resources. The last conflict blew up from a simple misunderstanding, into a possible war, only being narrowly missed when a Spellscale diplomacy council managed to broker a peace; now there is an uneasy truce between the two Catharian descendant societies.

Kobold Society:
Social Type: Passive, Economy Centric, Non-militant.
Primary Trade Items: Mining and Blacksmithing.
Pantheon: Cheagh (Primarily with Ancestor worship as secondary)
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Spellscales
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Kobold Continent:
Herzens der Welt
Kobold Country:
Vorpam Nar
Kobold Cities:
Kellsith (capital)

The Kobolds are the settings miners and blacksmiths, taking the stereotypical role of the Dwarves with a cowering race of miners and blacksmiths. They prefer to protect their homes with traps rather than fighting direct, and will attempt to stay on the good side of most races. Of all the races on Hiceana, they are the one that has seen the least military action. They are friendly towards the Spellscales due to their shared draconic heritage, often the two will share resources, and a Spellscale is always welcome in a Kobold settlement. The merchant is the focus of most of the Kobold lands; their trading allows an influx of money which the kobolds want to see, they use this money to entrench their hold of the arms, armour and tools industries. As a Kobold saying goes “The more research, the better the goods, and the more repeat customers you get.”

Neanderthal Society:
Social Type: Nomadic, Hunter / Gatherers, Survivalists.
Primary Trade Items: Meats, Vegetation (useful herbs) and Skins.
Pantheon: Manannan
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome, Spellscale, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Neanderthal Continent:
The Great Glacier
Neanderthal Country:
The Great Glacier
Neanderthal Cities:
Wintershore Haven (capital and only city).

Neanderthal's have a basic society, they are similar in fashion to the Bhuka, but they are less sophisticated, and more prone to intra-racial violence. They have only one city they can call their own. This city, Wintershore Haven is in fact a grand series of caves that are used as a trading station and as shelter during the worst of the blizzards. Wintershore Haven, is more out of convenience, a capital of the Neanderthal Clans. During their time at Wintershore Haven, all the Neanderthal tribes honour a truce, at this time no Clan blood feuds may disrupt the peace of Wintershore Haven. Should anyone dishonour the truce, they are outcast into the blizzard to seek their chances, this almost always ends in a quick painful death for those that are outcast.

Raptoran Society:
Social Type: Explorers, Scouts, Healers, Nest-centric families.
Primary Trade Items: Healing items, Scouting, Postal / Delivery services.
Pantheon: Taranis
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi.
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Neanderthal, Whisper Gnome, Spellscale, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Raptoran Continent:
Da-buqi (Da-boo-key)
Raptoran Country:
Da-buqi (Da-boo-key)
Raptoran Cities:
Aman-Sűl (capital)

If you wrote a story, chances are that the Raptoran's have already told one that uses that premise. Inside each Raptoran is a lust for travelling which they predominantly resolve by undertaking a journey. "The Journey of the Four Winds", as it is called, is the right of passage for all Raptoran adolescents; the theory behind it is that each Raptoran will return to their nesting family with knowledge of far away lands and that bit wiser. Quite often, during the "The Journey of the Four Winds" a young Raptoran will take on a delivery job as his reason for visiting areas, taking their problem of money away, while also giving them a reason to see new places, this also forms the basis of a rudimentary postal service that the Raptoran's run. Due to their unique physiology, they are renowned for being travellers, scouts and explorers. Though they are predominantly known for their scouting abilities, they are also well versed in the use and creation of healing balms. They have recently been voicing their distrust of the Catharians use of enchanted vessels that fly; they view the artificial flying method as an abomination, compared to their graceful natural flight ability.

Spellscale Society:
Social Type: Democracy, Artisans, Storytellers, Travelers.
Primary Trade Items: Merchant Goods, Literary Works (Lore, Poems, Stories), Artwork.
Pantheon: Draconic Ancestor Worship
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Kobold.
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Whisper Gnome, Catharian, Elan.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Spellscale Continent:
Rhoezyb (Row-ez-eb)
Spellscale Country:
Rhoezyb (Row-ez-eb)
Spellscale Cities:
Dracwynne (capital)
Vertwynne Point

The Spellscales are a draconic race of Humanoids. Their apparent Dragon heritage means that they share an affinity with the Kobolds, who also have Dragon blood within them. Much like the Raptoran’s, the Spellscale’s have a passion, though theirs is a love of art of any form, they adore the skilled use of the word in a carefully crafted play as much as they love the aesthetics of a finely wrought piece of artwork. Much like the Raptoran’s love of travel, the Spellscale Race has a wonder lust; they love to travel, but for a different reason. The Spellscale’s travel the world trying to obtain the greatest pieces of artwork to take back to their lands convinced that only their senses can appreciate the finer points of a well crafted piece of art or literacy. For this reason, they are predominantly known for having the largest library and art galleries in Hiceana.

Whisper Gnome Society:
Social Type: Isolationists.
Primary Trade Items: Information, Merchant Goods, Espionage / Sabotage.
Pantheon: Abraxas (Primary) & Valdis (Secondary)
Friendly Diplomatic Terms with: Elan
Neutral Diplomatic Terms with: Aventi, Bhuka, Dream Dwarf, Kobold, Neanderthal, Raptoran, Spellscale, Catharian.
Hostile Diplomatic Terms with: N/A
Whisper Gnome Continent:
Thamasa (Tha-masa)
Whisper Gnome Country:
Thamasa (Tha-masa)
Whisper Gnome Cities:
Cormere (capital)

No-one quite knows why the Whisper Gnomes are scattered across the world like they are. They have their own lands, but they seem to naturally diffuse across the world. The truth behind it is that the Whisper Gnomes know what their speciality is, they know how and when to use it. The Whisper Gnomes, trade in information, if you want to know something about something, you go and see the local Gnome, they'll know what you want to know, if they don't, they certainly will know someone who can tell you or find out for you. Those in the know know that the best spies and assassins are from the Gnome Thieves guilds. For a race that makes it their business to know everyone else's business, they are very much an Isolationist culture. The Gnome cities are designed to provide the most cover, and create as much natural darkness as possible; after all what you can't see isn't really happening. This insistence on darkness, and a volatile society, those in power don't last very long unless they are good at their job, or have enough security to prevent their retirement .




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