View Full Version : Short/Simple/Sweet Debate An Exarch In Azeroth

2009-04-05, 09:06 PM
How powerful would an Exarch from D&D be? Could he even conquer Azeroth?

2009-04-06, 07:13 AM
No. He'd get raided for loot faster than you can say "insufficient info by this forum's Vs Thread requirements".

2009-04-06, 07:19 AM
What exactly is an "exarch"? The only thing I can think of are the Xorvintaal Exarchs.

2009-04-06, 03:22 PM
The King of Shadows from Faerun... is an Exharch. Celestial Paragons are Exharchs. The King of Shadows could have wiped out all life on Toril.

Archpaladin Zousha
2009-04-06, 04:24 PM
I thought the King of Shadows was just something Obsidian made up for the BBEG in Neverwinter Nights 2, which is not part of Forgotten Realms canon. Besides, if the King of Shadows was beaten by a party of adventurers, he'd stand no chance with all the adventuring parties and guilds crawling around Azeroth.

2009-04-08, 11:46 AM
You mean like the god-servant Exarchs in 4E? Well, if we choose to disregard the 11 million adventurers running around Azeroth (and Outland), we have a whole lot of powerful "people", including the goddess Elune, the three (or two) sane Dragon Aspects, the Naaru, the racial leaders (especially Velen, probably on par with Kil'jaeden and Archimonde)... The only hope the Exarch has is to release one or two Old Gods, alert the Titans, and hope for a nice cleansing apocalypse.