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2006-08-26, 01:18 AM
This is an adventure that I am currently working on, with some maps (ok, so they are hand drawn...they still work) and descriptions. It will be updated as I finish working on it (and get more time). So far the description is only for the first 2 lvls, but hopefully (*fingers crossed*) that will change.

For reference sake, I will be using "" and Italics to show what should be read aloud or paraphrased, ** to show what is DM information only. Key notes will be in bold.

Anyway, feel free to use, change, comment on fall in love with, anything that you see.
*note this adventure becomes much more interesting if there is a dwarf or a bard in the party, or someone very knowledgeable ( took knowledge (history) )

The Wind Torn keep (an adventure for a party of lvl 4 characters)

Far to the north, on the rocks of the icy coast lies the ruins of the ancient dwarven castle of Krivach. Rummor has it that it's dark cold halls hold something more than just the vestages of the past -- gold.

*The players first hear about the ruins in the form of some rummor, and after a while learn of it's general location. Feel free to add in random encounters as you see fit as they travel to the ruins. An important thing to note is that as they near the ruins, a storm begins threatening from the sea, and by the time they reach the old walls, it is pouring.*

"as the day wears on, a group of stones becomes visible, white theeth juting from the green earth -- the ruins. A storm seems to be brewing off-shore and seems headed inland; it looks like it's gonna get vey wet soon."

The players reach the ruins finding nothing or real worth of sicnificance, until they spot a wisp of smoke weaving through the grey rain. (spot cheak dc=12) The smoke is issueing from the only real standing building, the entry to what seems to be a guard's barracks towards the center of the ruins.

" The rain is pouring in grey sheets, yet through it all a small wisp of smoke is still visible; it seems to be coming from the center of town... The smoke seems to be coming from the north-east corner of one of the only still erect buildings. The only entrance is easily found from the few rays of light escaping through the large wood doors."


*On the other side of the Door awaits a bugbear, a Goblin Cleric 1, and 3 goblin warriors. The 3 goblins use cross bows and spears around the circular room to hit PC's as they enter, the bugbear will stand in fore and do it's best to protect the cleric. The cleric normally opens by casting sheild of faith on himself and magic weapon on the bugbear's weapon, and then spontaneously casting inflict light wounds and holding the charge for a AoO or an opening.

Goblin Cleric
9 Hp
Ac=19 (10 +4 armor +2 sheild +3 dex)
+0 Light mace 1d4+0 x2 blungeoning
+3 Light Crossbow 1d6 19-20x2
Spells prepared :
Cure Light Wounds, Magic Weapon, Sheild of Faith / Detect Magic, Cure Minor Wounds, Light, Read Magic. (domain spell: Protection from Good)

Equipment: Scale mail, 2 vials of alchemist's fire, Darkwood small sheild (uses as a large sheild)

*use standard MM entries for bugbear and Goblins

" The old oak doors open into a 30ft square room with rounded corners. The occasional flash of lightining from the storm outside throws an errie light on the piles of rubish ad roting food-stuffs in the corners. The rooms is damp, warmed only by the smoldering coals of a small fire in the center of the room. Another pair of Large oak doors lies on the opposite wall. "

LVL 1 Room B.
" This Cold 30'x 20' room is where ithe goblins stored their treasure; a large merchant's coffer lies obviously in the open. Behind it, a large pile of rubble a debris acts as tthe eastward wall. On the left and right of the entry tthere are stairs leading up, and down respectively."

Treasure: 200 gold, Magnifying Glass, 3 smoke sticks


LVL 2 room A.
" The stairs from above open into a 20ft square room. tapestries adorn the walls, most have been worn away by rot and mildew, but a few still proudly display the linage of dwaren kind from Moradin the life giver. The only exit is a wood door on the south side, 5ft from the south-east corner."* The door is stuck

Players can make knowledge, bardic lore, or decipher script checks (if they know dwarven) to learn information about the clan.

DC 10. This is an old dwarven settlement and fortress keep. (the Script contains the words 'here' and 'keep')

Dc 16. The dwarves often had large underground forges and temples as part of their strongholds. (There is a recognizable passage on religious rites and forging prayers)

DC 21. The dwarves of this area and time period buried their dead in elaborate catacombs, along with all their equipment in life (There is a recognizable list of names, all kings and warriors, with their deeds recorded)

LVL 2 room B

"The door opens into a tight 5ft hallway that goes down for 20ft then turns right."

* 15ft down the hall (5ft from the turn to the west) on the left hand side is the secret door to the armory. Search DC=20

"After the turn the hallway continues for another 20ft. A branch splits off from the left hand side, 5ft from the bend and ends 10ft down at a large stone door."

* the door slides to the left, and has no hinges or locks (str cheak to move DC= 12)*

" The stone door is cut with a relief of a large anvil and dancing flames."

LVL 2 Room C

"The hall way ends in a 20ft deep and 30ft wide shrine area to the dwarven god Moradin. On the far wall is the traditional anvil shaped altar and a large stone statue of the dwarven god. On the back wall are 2 small alcolves in which stand life-size statues of old dwarven heros. Each of the side walls houses another such alcove and wooden candle stands for offerings to the dwarven ancestors. Under each of the statues is a small metal strip with their name enblazoned upon it.The other obvious exit is a hall in the south- east corner."

* One of the statues has been animated to protect the hall and shrine area and will come to life if the players touch anything or try to enter the hall.*

Medium Sized Animated object

Medium Construct 4d10+30 (50 hp)
40 ft. legs,
17 (+6 natural +1 dex), touch 11, flat-footed 16
Dwarven Waraxe +5 melee (1d10+3)
Slam +4 melee (1d6+3)
5 ft./5 ft.

**this monster is a modified version of a Medium sized animated object. The str has been increased to a 16, the dex to a 12; it's hitdice have been increased by 2, and it's base attack bonus increased by 1 (due to the increase in HD). It should be a lvl 3 or encounter, but could be higher, feel free to scale as you see fit.**

Construct traits, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Hardness 5

Fort +0, Ref +0, Will -5
Str 16, Dex 12, Con , Int , Wis 1, Cha 1

" The stone figure of a dwarven hero comes to life as you draw near it, bringing it's weapon into a combat stance."

* The names and weapons of the heros are:
Sufred the Vigil - Dwarven Waraxe
Penda the Hearth Defender - Spears
Hereric the Biter - Greatsword
Calaradra of the forge's Flame - Warhammer*

Treasure: 100 gold, Scroll of Cause Fear, Cat's grace, and Remove paralysis.

LVL 2 Room D

"This 5ft wide hallway goes down for 30ft. and is completely covered in relief carvings depicting dwarves in battle and in peace. Some of the stone work near the end is obviously older than the work closer to the temple."

LVL 2 Room E

The Hallway opens into tall hall, 15t wide and 25ft deep.The far wall is dominated by a large stone door on which there are reliefs and runes inscribed. From the ceiling hang several old iron tapestry rods, a few others have fallen from their chains; a couple rods still have rags clinging on them."

* the door is magicly sealed and only opens from a person who speaks the names of the 4 dwarven heros from the shrine area. The Runes on the door read:

"speak of the Past and you shall see them too."
* for a hint indicate a play on the words "past" and "passed"*

LVL 2 Room F.

"This small 15ft square room is dominated by a 8ft square iron plate lieing on the floor"

* str check to lift the plate is 15, or 12 if they use a fallen tapestry rod as a lever*

LVL 2 Room G
" This 30ft square room was the community's forge; 3 anvils are gathered around the furnace on the east wall where a fire still brightly glows"

* traped in the the Furnace is a bound fire elemental. The elemental pleas in dwarven and in Ignan to be released. if the PC's understand him or notice him he explains that he was bound to the forge in the reign of king Gimlik Hireth and is bound to the forge by means of a magical gem stone-ring. If the ring is placed in the fire, the binding spell will be undone. As a reward for his freedom, the elemental promises to enchant any one weapon(or 50 pieces of ammunition) of the party's. The elemental also tells the PC's of the hidden armory.

Search cheak DC=16; a stash (5) gems used in the enchanting of itmes.
DC=20; a peice of parchment detailing where the secret armory lies.

LVL 2 room H.

"The hidden door leads through a 5ft passage into a 15'x20' room lined with shelves and weapon racks. Most of the armor and weapons are missing or beyond repair, but a few items still seem in good condition"

treasure: 4000 sp; 1 potion of bear's endurance; a scroll of chill touch, grease, and enlarge person; +1 breast plate; Master work Short bow; Master work Wardrum; Master Work banded Mail.



2006-08-26, 02:56 AM
It looks like a fun little quick adventure. I suggest throwing in an encounter or two with vermin (giant rats or a spider or bat swarm) if the goblins and the bugbear are likewise travelers seeking refuge there, which makes sense since there's only the one encounter, and goblin tribes are fairly extensive.

The treasure is pretty minimal for a 4th level party - 300gp, 2 vials of alchemist's fire (if not used), darkwood small shield, 3 smoke sticks, magnifying glass, Scroll of Cause Fear, Cat's Grace and Remove Paralysis.

If the fortress isn't too far out of the way, I'd suggest that it might make a nice way to give the adventurers their own base of operation. Sweep out the two encounters (pretty easy) and then start renovating their new home.

Encounter CRs:
Goblins & Bugbear: CR4. Despite that, the three goblin warriors are going to drop fairly quickly and might make good cleave targets into the bugbear and cleric.

Animated Object: CR2. Pretty easy as well. wielding a dwarvern waraxe does make it a bit more dangerous then normal.

I might suggest throwing a 'trap' into one of the rooms that can be detected through listen, spot or knowledge (engineering) checks - one of the rooms has become unstable over the centuries, and a falling rock trap can injure some of the PCs.