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2009-04-16, 01:48 AM
Taking a break its from the Watchmen vs. Batman threads...



The battlefield is a normal patch of terrain on Cybertron.

The combatants? The animated G1 versions of....

Leader of the Decepticons! Terror of Autobot and Decepticon alike! Wielder of giant bad-ass fusion cannon and an energon mace! Can transform to an even bigger gun!

Leader of the Dinobots! What he lacks in intelligence he makes up with sheer brawn! Can transform into a fire-breating t-rex! Wielder of an energon sword and a double-barrled rocket launch. Him Grimlock badass!

The fight is a one on one duel to the death. No support to either combatant, no chance of Starscream betraying Megatron at the wrong moment, no puny humans getting in the way. Just transforming robot to transforming robot. One shall stand... one shall fall!

So, will the last line be "Such heroic nonsense" or "Me Grimlock badass"

2009-04-16, 02:11 AM
No chance of plothax? Megatron. Always Megatron.

Kris Strife
2009-04-16, 02:15 AM
Round 1: Grimlock eats Megatron's head.

2009-04-16, 02:27 AM
Megatron, although Grimlock is not as dumb as he seems.

Of course the real fun is one the sidelines, where the other Decepticons are watching, and Starscream is shouting "Mighty Megatron has fallen" with every blow and declaring himself the new leader.

2009-04-16, 03:16 AM
Grimlock is too stupid to win against megatron. his brute force doesn't make up for that.

Kris Strife
2009-04-16, 07:03 AM
Generation 1 Grimlock wasnt stupid. Sure, he had bad language skills, but he was very cunning and crafty in battle.

Also, this thread's premiss is flawed. Even if you dissasembled Starscream to an atomic level and scattered his atoms evenly throughout the Universe, he'd still betray Megatron.

2009-04-16, 07:12 AM
Me Grimlock king! But me Grimlock also think G1 Cartoon me was weakest Grimlock. G1 Comic Grimlock even more better!

2009-04-16, 11:17 AM
Me Grimlock. Me eat puny gun.

2009-04-16, 12:33 PM
Ooo, this is a tough one.

Granted, Grimlock is one physically impressive bot. But Megatron is cunning, and brutal. If inconvenienced, Grimlock would likely just start lashing out randomly, screaming. Something Megatron could take advantage of.

Straight up trading blows, no question, Grimlock wins. But Megatron fights cheap. The tricky part, is that Grimlock is likely to deflect most of the laser blasts with little harm. But, Megs can use the terrain to his advantage.

Normal patch of terrain on Cybertron? Grimlock isn't used to fighting in an urban environment. Cybertron is full of buildings and highways. Which can be collapsed onto Grimlock. He's tough, but he can't keep resisting high impacts forever.

2009-04-16, 01:06 PM
Well, lessee. Megatron is (no offense) definitely one of the worst Megatrons you could get for a one on one brawl. He's unable to pull off a simple plan, and he needs either Hot Rod or the special powers of every decepticon to beat Prime one on one.

On the other hand, Cartoon Big Grim is a certifiable moron even before season three, albeit a moron with considerable firepower.

In the comics, this one is Grimlock's, no sweat. Current Animated Megatron would stomp animated Grimlock to the curb even easier. But cartoon?

I'd give it to Grimlock, just because he doesn't retreat after every single setback, but it's close.

2009-04-16, 01:14 PM
Also, this thread's premiss is flawed. Even if you dissasembled Starscream to an atomic level and scattered his atoms evenly throughout the Universe, he'd still betray Megatron.

We Starscreams are known for our persistence.

2009-04-16, 04:06 PM
We Starscreams are known for our persistence.

And dying.


2009-04-16, 05:41 PM
G1? Heh. As soon as Megatron takes a single hit, you just know he's gonna fly off screaming "DECEPTICONS! REEEEEETRRRREEEEAAAAT!" ;) If we're sticking to canon, at least ;)

2009-04-16, 06:59 PM
And dying.


Yeah (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR5G3gcNKwg), that's what I mean by persistence. Even death is just a distraction when it comes to treachery.

Shades of Gray
2009-04-16, 07:02 PM
A versus thread between two characters of the same universe?


2009-04-17, 04:49 PM
Grimlock would win because the Autobots always win.