View Full Version : Reverse Monkey Grip?

2006-08-20, 05:16 PM
How would such a thing work, if at all? This would be used for having weapons more easily concealable on one's person. Anyone with good poison or Death Strike or even Sneak Attack won't need to worry that his dagger/hand crossbow/dart deals 1d3 instead of 1d4.

2006-08-20, 10:20 PM
pretty sure you can already use a weapon thats smaller without penalty

2006-08-20, 11:25 PM
IIRC you take the same penalty (-2) for using a weapon to small. There's also the feycraft weapon template in DMGII that reduces the weapon's damage one step, but it has little use.

2006-08-20, 11:26 PM
^^Nope. *And guess what: it turns out that using a Small greatsword incurs less penalties than using a Bastard Sword nonproficiently. *And they're both 1-handed for a medium creature.

And I just learned that Monkey Grip does not eliminate penalties. *Still, I'm just wondeing if it's worth the feat to be able to conceal weapons better.