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2009-04-17, 02:07 PM

Today I read something that touched me deeply, something that I felt like sharing with someone. Not just because of the impact it had on me, but because it's a cause that's worth taking a glance at.

It was a story about the little infant girl Marissa. A story about her dad, and her toy bunny.

Marissa is one year old, and last year she was diagnosed with infantile spasm. What that means, to those who does not know, is that she'll go into cramps every now and then, and, if things go as bad as they could, she could be mentally disabled for the rest of her life, god forbid.

What was the dads response to all this, putting aside all the natural stuff; sorrow etc.?

He started the Fairfax bunny project going on today.
Fairfax the bunny is a toy bunny, that travels the world, and creates awareness of this terrible, terrible condition, while also providing consolation for Marissa and her family, in the form of pictures of Fairfax's journey around the world.

Here a link to the father's blog; http://marissasbunny.com/Marissas_Bunny/Marissas_Bunny_-_Infantile_Spasms_and_Epilepsy_Awareness/Marissas_Bunny_-_Infantile_Spasms_and_Epilepsy_Awareness.html

Donate if that's something you wanna do, but I assure you, just checking out the site, learning about Marissa and other children with the same condition stories, you will have contributed to something meaningful. Atleast that's how I feel about it.

In any case, I'm on my proverbial knees begging you to take a look at this.
When I got the idea of writing this on the internet, I wanted to find a suitable community, one that I knew would care. And I thought of this instantly, because I've experienced just how friendly and caring you people around here are.

Send Marissa and her father a loving thought, and help spreading the word about this.

Edit: Also, something I forgot. If you've got facebook, there's a group on there called Marissa's bunny. It's an open group, so do join!

2009-04-17, 03:20 PM
Sending link to my email so I can remember to do this from a computer that doesn't block the website.